Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu

Legend Cover

View from the window seat:
Legend is a fast-paced, exciting book that draws you into the action with the first sentence: “My mother thinks I’m dead.” Told in alternating first-person points of view from the two main characters, Day and June, the reader gets pulled into the dangerous world of future Los Angeles. Sidebar: I’m a fan of the first-person present narrative because I like the immediacy it brings to the story. It definitely reminded me of the Divergent series, by Veronica Roth, which can be a good or bad thing. For me, it was a good thing as I love Divergent. End sidebar. Day and June’s paths are pulled inexorably toward each other as June strives for revenge born of grief and Day struggles to remain hidden in plain sight. I found myself excitedly flipping pages to get to the point where they meet and through each other, discover terrifying things about the world they thought they knew.

Day and June are awesome. I love Day, the criminal with morals, and his unwavering love for and devotion to his family. June is a badass, relentlessly pursuing Day to avenge her brother. The relationships between the heroes and their family members are particularly well-drawn, giving heart to a novel that could’ve just been action. It’s refreshing to find an intelligent heroine in June, who uses her brain and logic to try and outsmart her enemy. I enjoyed watching as June collides with Day and figures out that her perfect world isn’t as it seems.
The worldbuilding is where the book fell short for me. While it’s sort of mentioned how the world got the way it is, there isn’t much background given about the war between the Republic and the Colonies. What divided them? What makes them different and hate each other? YA dystopians often run into this problem of creating a realistic world (Divergent comes to mind again and the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver). However, this is the first book in the trilogy, so the world might be explored more in the next books.

Overall impression:
A fun, quick read with tons of action and a great duo in Day and June. I’m definitely looking forward to Prodigy, the next book in the series.



3 thoughts on “Book Review: Legend by Marie Lu

  1. I’ve had this one on my TBR list for a while, I am not quite sure why I haven’t read it yet but I think I will pick it up to read over the summer 🙂 Great review!!

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