Sunday Countdown: The 5 Hottest Cartoon Characters

So I’ve decided that to spice things up a bit on the weekends (and to fill in the gaps between reviews), there will be a new segment called the “Sunday Countdown.” Every Sunday I’ll post some kind of list about whatever I feel like. Most likely about pop culture, if we’re being honest here.

This week’s Sunday Countdown was inspired by a post over at Forever Young Adult. After reading it, I immediately thought, “YES. I’m not alone in my attraction to hot male cartoon characters!” And then I mentally started making a list of my own. Also this was really hard to narrow down, making me question many aspects of my psyche (like would I have this kind of trouble with non-animated guys in movies/tv shows? Actually, yes, I probably would. Moving on.) So here they are:

5. Tuxedo Mask/Darien, Sailor Moon

Never has wearing a masquerade-ball mask ever been so sexy. Also the whole secret-identity thing is hot too. I quite honestly can’t remember anything more about him than: 1) wears a mask and 2) is hot.

 4. Aladdin, Aladdin

Street rat! Scoundrel! Ah, but Aladdin is so much more! He’s like the guy next door: you’d never think to look at him but then he goes and saves the world and turns out to be totally awesome. Also, anyone who’s best friends with a monkey, a flying carpet, and a genie is good with me.

3. Seto Kaiba, Yu-Gi-Oh!

I have a thing for anti-heroes. It’s a real problem. Basically I fall in love with every anti-hero from every book I read or movie I see. Seto is so selfish and yet at the same time so loving towards his younger brother. He’s rich and smart and talented. Also I realize the fact that I even know enough about Seto to have a crush on him is really revealing of the level of geek we’re dealing with here.

2. Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zuko is by far my favorite character from the best tv cartoon ever. Watching him go from a spoiled, misguided prince to a fighter on the side of good makes my heart break every time. He struggles to find his place in the world and that makes him beautiful. Also, I totally wanted him to end up with Katara. Amiright?

1. Dimitri, Anastasia

Oh, Dimitri. I basically only watch Anastasia for the scenes with Dimitri. Well, also the music. He’s sarcastic and a con-man! You really can’t go wrong. Plus he was a good guy even when he was just a child.


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