Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Female Characters in Fantasy Books

So I was originally just going to do my favorite characters in books, but then I realized I have way too many favorites, so I decided to break it down by genre. These are my five favorite female characters in fantasy novels.

5. Coriel, Summers at Castle Auburn

The novel begins with Coriel as just a silly girl obsessing over her unreachable crush. Over the course of the story, Coriel grows into a strong heroine who stands against the inequality of her world. Coriel’s transformation is one of the best written coming-of-age stories I’ve ever read.

summers at castle auburn cover

4. Sabriel, The Abhorsen Trilogy

Sabriel is the fearsome Abhorsen, a girl bound by duty to protect the world from the dead. She knows who she is and what she has to do, fearlessly confronting her enemies and just in general being a badass.

3. Harry, The Blue Sword

Harry finds her true place in the world when she’s trained as a Rider for the Hill people. She goes against her king’s orders to do what she knows is right. Also, she befriends the greatest horse and hunting cat EVER.

blue sword cover

2. Meliara, Crown Duel/Court Duel

I love stubborn, brash Mel. She makes so many mistakes, but continues to plunge headfirst into everything she does. She sticks to what she believes in. I loved her struggle with adjusting to court life and the subtle manipulations she doesn’t really understand.

crown duel cover

1. Sophie, Howl’s Moving Castle

Sophie is bossy and never thinks before she acts. She also has one of the biggest hearts ever. I love how she gains confidence in herself and her abilities, finally finding the happy ending she deserved all along.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Female Characters in Fantasy Books

  1. Yay! Actually *blush of shame* Howl’s is the only of these I’ve ever read. But I had never heard of the Crown Duel books until the YA Character smackdown thing that was a couple years back (Oh, YA Fantasy Showdown– I forgot what it was called: ) and just from that one little fanfic description I thought “Meliara is so COOL! I have to read that book!” And I still haven’t found it yet.

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