Book Review: Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

tiger's curse cover

View from the window seat:
Kelsey Hayes needs a summer job before she starts college in the fall. Through a temp agency, she lands a job in a small circus caring for dogs and a white tiger. But the tiger isn’t all that he seems and Kelsey soon finds herself swept off to India to break a centuries-old curse.

This book was…not good. I’m not saying I hated it. I read through the whole thing, but there were several things that kept me from liking it. One was Kelsey. She just didn’t have much to define her. In fact, the only way she’s defined is by multiple people in the story telling her she’s special, caring, etc. Another thing that really bothered me was that Kelsey is chosen by an Indian god to break an Indian curse and she’s the only one who can break it…but she’s from Oregon. It’s almost like the editor/publisher/author/whoever didn’t think the book could sell unless the heroine was American. And then the adventure in India would be exotic. There was so much potential here to really make a story that immerses the reader in a culture that isn’t written about very often, but instead we just scratch the surface through the eyes of a tourist. Who, by the way, doesn’t focus on this amazing experience in another country, but instead chooses to talk/think obsessively about how hot Ren is. This narration takes up the majority of the book. Oh, he’s so muscular, oh his face is so perfect, oh I can’t look away, blah blah blah. The relationship is this book actually reminds me quite a bit of Bella and Edward in Twilight. There’s the same “I can’t live without you, this guy is too perfect for me” mentality. Unfortunately, I don’t mean that as a compliment.

Overall impression:
Tiger’s Curse had a lot of potential to be an exciting fantasy adventure, but the narration reduces the story into ridiculous teen romance angst.



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