Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Male Characters in Fantasy Books

So the time has come for the complementary post to my favorite female characters in fantasy books. I must admit, I had a hard time assembling this as I realized that all of my favorite male characters came from DWJ books. Alas! I restrained myself and only included one of her characters.

5. Numair Salmalin, The Immortals Quartet

Daine’s story is my favorite of Tamora Pierce’s series, and Numair is one of the main reasons. He’s the most powerful mage in the world, but he wears the prestige casually. He’s protective, loyal, supportive, and brave. Also, apparently other people like him as well because when I Googled his name to find a picture, I was surprised at the amount of fanart. This image is exactly how I imagined both Daine and Numair would look. 

4. Edmund, The Chronicles of Narnia

Edmund is such a little snot at the beginning of his first trip to Narnia. That’s really the best way to describe him. He’s one of my favorites because he overcomes his petty jealousy and selfishness to become the leader of Narnia he was always meant to be. He struggles to be good, unlike his perfect brother Peter, which makes him more interesting and in my opinion more worthy of the throne.

3. Samwise Gamgee, The Lord of the Rings

My dear Sam. So loyal, even when Frodo was being a little bitch. The bravest hobbit of them all, sticking with Frodo until the end, knowing he probably wouldn’t return home. Oh, how I love Sam.

2. Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle

Ok, you knew this one was coming. Selfish, vain, beautiful Howl captures the heart of every girl who reads his story. I remember reading some interview with DWJ and she expressed surprise at how strong the love for Howl was among her fans, but I’m not surprised. He’s awesome.

1. Eugenides, The Queen’s Thief

Eugenides is one of the most brilliantly complex characters I have ever encountered. At times manipulative, clever, loyal, arrogant, vulnerable, loving…Gen is so layered that you never know what move he’ll make next.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Male Characters in Fantasy Books

  1. Edmund and Sam–yes! I haven’t read the other book you mentioned, but I love both Edmund and Sam. The Chronicles of Narnia is one of those book series I grew up on, like Harry Potter, and is probably one of the most influential books on my life, just because I’ve been reading them since I was nine to now, and Edmund might be my favorite character in books ever. He has, in my opinion, the best character arc in the entire series. And Sam is just wonderful–so loyal and brave in a very quiet, unassuming way.

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