Sunday Countdown: 5 Reasons Why You Should See The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I’m a book purist. When I see a movie adapted from a book, I’m the one in the theater who’s discontentedly muttering to herself about everything different. I will grant you that I’ve only read The Perks of Being a Wallflower once in high school, so I didn’t really remember anything about it while watching the movie. Even if I could remember it though, I think I still would’ve fallen in love with the movie. It’s wonderful, and this is why you should see it:

5. The author wrote the screenplay and directed the film.

This is the movie that the author wanted. He waited to make it until he could be the one in control of how it turned out and how it stayed true to the novel. That’s dedication if ever I saw it.

4. The soundtrack is awesome.

I truly believe that a bad soundtrack can completely ruin a movie. This one is absolutely perfect. Even Hermione agrees…that’s why she’s dancing so exuberantly.

3. This moment.

Sam flying through the tunnel is a moment that’s been spoken of a lot on the publicity tour for the movie. Emma Watson has said that this scene helped her leave Hermione behind and move forward. It also perfectly captures the essence of the movie. That being with people you love and people who love you can be freeing. That you can be your true self. That in a single moment, you can be infinite.

2. This kid. 

Logan Lerman is wonderfully cast in the role of our Charlie. He’s the perfect combination of vulnerable, sweet, shy, loyal, hurting, and endearing. The rest of the cast is awesome and unique and great in their roles, but Logan steals the show.

1. You will feel ALL THE THINGS.

There are harrowing moments. Shocking moments. Moments that make you want to cry and hug Charlie/Patrick/Sam. But there are also moments that will make you laugh out loud, feel inspired, or that speak to who you are as a person.

Bonus! See this movie if…

0. You want to see Emma Watson fail to be an American. 

It’s about to get real. Emma, you had an accent coach. You went to school in America. Surely you can do better than this. Though I suppose I should’ve seen this coming, since you always did the worst of the Harry Potter cast when on that American Talk segment on MTV.


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