Book Review: The Kingdom of Gods by N. K. Jemisin

View from the window seat:
The Arameri have held power over the world for millennia, but their time may be coming to an end. As war brews, Shahar, the last Arameri heir, must decide if she will follow in the footsteps of her cruel and overbearing ancestors or forge a new path for the Arameri family. Her life, and her choices, will be greatly influenced by her twin brother Deka and the godling Sieh; the three have a bond that defies everything known about their world.

N. K. Jemisin has done it again: created a wholly compelling, surprising, and intense novel of gods and mortals. The narrator this time is Sieh, the first godling, who has lived with the Three in freedom and captivity since nearly the beginning. I quite honestly wasn’t expecting Sieh to be the narrator; I thought it would be Shahar, the Arameri heir. Jemisin is full of surprises, though, and thankfully this was a good one. The way Sieh views the world is so different from how a mortal would, bringing something new and exciting to this trilogy.

If I have to pick a theme for the trilogy, I would choose the inevitability of change. Yeine, Oree, and Sieh all transform into something more than when they began their journeys, but in a natural, meant-to-be way. I truly find it incredible that Jemisin can take a concept such as gods, who you would assume are incapable of change, and subvert it through the gods’ actions and emotions. Every single character in her novels becomes more. 

Sieh begins the story by telling the reader there won’t be any tricks like in the first two novels, but don’t believe him. He is, after all, the ultimate Trickster.

Overall impression:
The Kingdom of Gods is a beautiful end to a stunning fantasy trilogy.



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