Book Review: Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

View from the window seat:
Fifteen-year-old Tiger Lily isn’t like the other girls in her village: she likes to hunt, be alone, and is considered cursed by the other villagers. When she meets the alluring Peter Pan, she falls hard for him, risking her family and future to see him. She has a decision to make: stay in her village and marry a terrible man, or run away with Peter and leave everything and everyone she’s ever known. When Wendy Darling, an English girl, arrives on the island, everything becomes complicated. Soon Peter and Tiger Lily both have to choose futures they never imagined.

This book made my heart hurt. Tiger Lily is so lonely; the people in her village fear her and don’t understand her. She likes different things than the other women and has different skills. She’s strong and brave and haughty and sad and quiet. I loved Tiger Lily as a heroine so much.

Then Tiger Lily collides with Peter Pan and it’s like two damaged people coming together and it’s so beautiful and tragic. Their romance is full of fear and love. In Peter, Tiger Lily finds someone she can be herself around. Someone she can be brave and strong with. I loved that their relationship wasn’t perfect; they fight, don’t say the things they should and make mistakes.

Perhaps the most surprisingly enjoyable part of the book is the fact that it’s told from Tinkerbell’s point of view. Tinkerbell’s narration uses simple language, which I think fits the tone of the story and the character herself.We’re used to Tinkerbell being vain, selfish, and jealous, but this Tink is different. I found her to be so much more than she’s ever been before. She loves Tiger Lily, and her wants and fears come from this love.

Be prepared: there are happy endings, but not the ones you’re expecting.

Overall impression:
Tiger Lily is a heartbreaking story of loneliness and vulnerability told through the eyes of Tinkerbell as she watches the love between the fearless Tiger Lily and her Peter Pan.



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