Sunday Countdown: 5 Authors I Want to Have Dinner With

So you know that game where you choose five people to have dinner with, living or dead? Well, I decided to do an author-themed version of that. Here are five authors that I would love to spend time with over some noms.

5. Jane Austen

I feel like Jane could teach me all about how to be an awesome lady. Also, I bet she was really sassy in real life.

you know two seconds ago she was all “guuuurllll”

4. Sarah Dessen

I would ask Sarah for tons of love (and life) advice because she knows everything about everything. Also, we would bond over our love of wine, potato chips, and Kate Spade bags.

the master of YA love stories

3. Gayle Forman

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to chat with Gayle after an author event, and let me tell you, SHE IS AWESOME. I would be able to spend hours talking with her about all the places she’s been to. I heard a few of her stories, but I know she has so many more.

seriously…she’s the best

2. J. K. Rowling

This one is obvious. Everyone knows she has so much more information about the Harry Potter universe stored in that brilliant mind of hers. I want to know everything. Every character backstory, every magical spell.

she’s hilarious AND British. that’s the best combination.

1. Diana Wynne Jones

If you’ve read my blog, you know all about my DWJ obsession. I would spend the entire dinner asking about her characters and her inspiration.

the most magical person who ever existed

2 thoughts on “Sunday Countdown: 5 Authors I Want to Have Dinner With

  1. I was going to reply my five authors I’d like to have dinner with, but honestly, it was too hard. How you narrowed it down, I do not know! I’m with you on Jane Austen and J. K. Rowling though!

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