Book Review: Pivot Point by Kasie West

View from the window seat:
Addison Coleman can see both future outcomes of any choice she makes. One thing she didn’t see coming? Her parents’ divorce. Now Addie has to decide whether she wants to stay with her mother in the secret paranormal Compound she’s lived in her whole life or move with her dad outside the Compound and try living with the Norms. Addie knows just what to do: perform a Search and examine both futures. The choice may be harder than she’s expecting when both futures have good and bad in them.

Pivot Point has a unique structure. It alternates chapters between two potential futures for Addie. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book structured like this before. What I liked most about this styling was that both futures are different enough to make them distinct, but you can see the events that happen in both playing out in different ways. It was fun to see how one action went one way in the “paranormal” future while it went another way in the “norm” future. Wanting to know what choice Addie makes kept me flying through the pages.

Another unique part of Pivot Point is how the author manages to write a love triangle that isn’t a triangle at all. She’s not with both guys at the same time; Duke is in one future, Trevor in the other. Both Duke and Trevor seem like good choices for Addie. Note the word seem, because complications happen in both relationships that I won’t give away.

In the end, her choice is obvious. Both futures hold terrible events, so it’s a choice of the lesser evil. One evil is significantly less than the other. A part of me wishes that the choice hadn’t been made so obvious. I think it made it too easy for Addie to choose, and I wanted more of a struggle. The whole book leads up to this difficult choice, and it turns out that it’s not so difficult at all. The very end leaves the reader with hope. I kind of want a sequel to see how everything eventually plays out between Addie and this other person.

Overall impression:
Pivot Point is a fast-paced novel that kept me entertained throughout.



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