Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Shows on HGTV

I’m usually on the treadmill whilst at the gym, and the only way I can slog my way through a workout is if I can focus on watching tv and not on how much my throat burns. The gym’s channels are really limited, but they do get HGTV. Now I’m totally addicted and want to go around demolishing shit until it looks pretty. Here are five of my HGTV favorites.

5. Island Hunters

I watched this for the first time today and OMG THEY’RE ACTUALLY BUYING ISLANDS. At first, I thought they were just buying homes that happened to only be located on islands, but no. These people are buying the whole damn thing. My mind has been blown all day. I would freaking love to own an island! Just like Carlisle and Esme! (Yes, I went there.) The episode I saw today didn’t make sense to me, though…how can two former pilots afford a fleet of yachts and then decide to buy an $8-10 million island? Where did they get that money? I thought pilots didn’t make that much.

4. Extreme Homes

This show is crazy. This is the one where I either really love the house or I really hate it. I don’t know how these people come up with these designs! I think the coolest one I’ve seen is a house that’s built to withstand hurricanes.

3. Income Property

My interest in this show might have less to do with the subject matter and more to do with the major contractor sa-woon I get from watching it. The host is so hot! And he smashes walls and stuff! There’s this commercial promoting the show where he walks up to a house and demolishes a wall with his sledgehammer and then walks through the wall in slow motion…it’s amazing. Not real, but still sexy times.

2. Love It or List It

I’d been watching HGTV for months at the gym before finally remembering to bring headphones, so I was watching it on mute with captions during that time. Then I brought headphones and…I totally didn’t expect Hilary and David’s voices to sound like that. It was really weird. I love this show because of how snarky the two of them are. The ending is the best part…I hate not being about to see whether the people love it or list it. Such suspense!

1. Property Brothers

Ok…I’m in love with the property brothers. Yes, both of them. Even more so than how much I’m in love with the Income Property guy. Their show is also really fun too. I love how they start with showing the people a house they totally can’t afford to psych them out and get them to choose a fixer-upper. Then I love how the contractor brother comes in and sexily fixes everything until it’s perfect.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Shows on HGTV

  1. I love this show and I have had marathons after marathon of the shows play on my TV.. the hottest guys on TV to watch!

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