Book Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

View from the window seat:
Lena and Julian finally escape to the Wilds…but the Wilds aren’t the safe haven they used to be. There have been massive crackdowns by the government and many Invalids have been eradicated. Lena fights for her life and her freedom to love alongside the Resistance. Meanwhile, Hana remains safely closeted in Portland as the mayor’s fiancee. Lena and Hana live on opposite sides of the divide, but soon they will collide in unexpected ways.

Before Requiem made its way into my mailbox, I heard disturbing murmurs on the winds of the book blogging world. A bad ending to the series, bloggers whispered in the safe, spoiler-free Wilds. Disappointment, they shuddered. So I picked up Requiem cautiously. I was surprised when I started flying through it, but Lauren Oliver’s expert and lovely prose pulled me in as it did in the two previous books. I fell into the familiar cadence of Lena’s thoughts, enjoying the alternating view that is Hana’s cured voice. Though nothing much really happens through the first like two-thirds of the book, I was still entertained. Pish-posh, I thought at my trusted bloggers’ reviews. This isn’t disappointing at all! I must be in the minority again like when I said I didn’t like Shatter Me, only this time I’m the only one who does like the book. 

So there I was, blithely flipping through pages, caught up in the action when…there was no more action. The book freaking stopped. I should’ve heeded the warnings, folks. This is a severe case of the-resolution-that-wasn’t. Because seriously…the book ends so abruptly, I felt that nothing was resolved. There was no closure. Conflicts weren’t sorted out.

I was really disappointed when Lena and Hana finally met up again. I felt it was rushed and not as emotionally impressive as it should’ve been. I liked reading Hana’s POV. I thought it was a strong aspect of this novel, to narrate from a cured’s perspective. But when they collide, it’s just meh.

I was also annoyed with Lena much of the time for how she treats Julian. Basically, she treats him like shit the whole time. I’ve been team Julian, and I’m still team Julian after this book. I think the Alex situation was a cop-out in terms of romance, and it’s a concept that bothers me when it comes to relationships. I wish I could explain this better, but I don’t want to be spoiler-y. The fact is, I still think Julian is the better man, and nothing will convince me otherwise.

Overall impression:
Requiem was, simply put, a disappointment.



10 thoughts on “Book Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

  1. I shared a lot of the same thoughts with you. I adored Delirium and Pandemonium. Like, this was one of my most recommended series because I thought the first two books were beautiful. Lena drove me crazy! Like you said, she treated Julian terribly! He was always there for her but she totally took him for granted. Plus, there was barely any romance in the book which is kind of the central theme of the whole series.

  2. It’s a great book as the filler in a series but it’s so not a freaking ending. I’ve never been so let down by the ending to a trilogy. And Raven tipped me over the edge when I read it

  3. I totally agree! I felt like Oliver couldn’t decide how to end the novel and didn’t want to upset fans by picking either Alex or Julian so she just left the ending open and up to the readers imagination. In some ways that works, but in many ways I felt like it wasn’t a true ending to the series. I’m hoping the T.V. series will have better closure and expand upon the characters and their interactions with each other.

    1. I have mixed feelings about the tv show…when I read about the significant changes being made, I have to admit I felt disappointed. But I agree with you that the tv show will give us a chance to expand on the Delirium world, so hopefully the show will be good!

      1. Yeah I’m not sold on everyone in the cast either. I think they got the guys as close to perfect as possible to Lena and Hana…just no. Not at all how I pictured it. I’m trying to look at the T.V. show as a completely separate entity so that there won’t be as much disappointment and I won’t associate my (possible) disappoint with the T.V. show with my general feelings for the book series. I feel like I’m talking in circles. haha But yes, I hope the show will be good. =]

      2. I always try to separate movies/tv shows from their books, but then I always get annoyed at everything that’s changed anyway haha

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