I’m On Team [Insert Hot Fictional Boy’s Name Here]

I hate love triangles as much as the next girl, but I can’t deny how much fun it is to ship a certain couple. Teams give us bloggers and YA readers something to argue about (all in good fun!). And really…who doesn’t like talking about hot boys, even if they are fictional? I thought it was time to reveal my definitive list of the boys I root for. This is love for a lifetime, folks.

Team Peeta

I know Gale’s all hot and bothered, but I fell hard for the boy with the bread. Peeta balances Katniss. One of my favorite quotes about him is from Finnick in Catching Fire:

‘And no one in this arena was a victor by chance’…’Except maybe Peeta.’

It says everything about Peeta’s character and how rare he is in this world.

Team Julian

‘I want to know.’ His words are a whisper, barely audible. ‘I want to know with you.’

I’m definitely in the minority on this one, but I just find him so much more interesting than Alex. Alex has always thought love wasn’t wrong, so falling in love with Lena is no big deal. Julian has to struggle against everything he was taught growing up and find his identity apart from his father’s beliefs. That’s the better journey to me. Regardless of what happens in Requiem, this is what I think should happen: Alex should be her first love, but Julian should be her last.

Team Darkling

‘The problem with wanting,’ he whispered, his mouth trailing along my jaw until it hovered over my lips, ‘is that it makes us weak.’

He had me from the moment he cut a man in half. The Darkling is intriguing and nuanced. I don’t think he’s pure evil, just ambitious and in love with power. From Shadow and Bone, I’m assuming Alina will end up with Mal, but I feel there’s a much better story between Alina and the Darkling. Plus, he’s sexy as hell.

Team Maxon

Maxon lowered his lips to mine and gave me the faintest whisper of a kiss. Something about the tentativeness of it made me feel beautiful.

I didn’t exactly like The Selection, but I’m still probably going to finish the series because I’m weird like that. I’m definitely rooting for Maxon. I mean…he’s a prince. Also he’s sweet and unsure and tries so hard.

Team Edward

‘You are my life now,’ he answered simply.

I had to put this one in here. The original teams, amiright? I’m hardcore Team Edward. Jacob is just annoying. Edward is gorgeous and has super strength and speed. Also, I dig the fact that he had a dark, broody rebellion where he went off and fed on murderers. So what if he sneaks into girl’s bedrooms and watches them sleep.


8 thoughts on “I’m On Team [Insert Hot Fictional Boy’s Name Here]

  1. TEAM JULIAN ALWAYS <3333. I don't even care that we're in the minority because that means more for us! I never really liked Alex. I mean, ok, in Delirium it was pretty difficult not to like him, but the second we were introduced to Julian I was totally for him. Oh, and of course Team Edward. I used to be obsessed with him in high school. It was a problem.

  2. This is SUUUUCH a good idea for a post I love it!! There’s a top ten freebie-esque post coming up and I totally might use this and give massive shout outs to you! This is awesome! While I might disagree with some of your and Rachel’s choices…*cough Julian cough* I love love love this! 🙂

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