Book Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

View from the window seat:
Juliette escaped from The Reestablishment and Warner and found sanctuary at Omega Point, an underground operation of people with powers like Juliette who rebel against The Reestablishment. Juliette finally has the chance to make her own decisions and to fight against the people who imprisoned her. She quickly learns that people aren’t always what they seem. Her heart and the lives of the people she loves are at stake.

My thoughts on Shatter Me weren’t exactly wow. I had a hard time reading the excessive language, to the point where it pulled me out of the story. That said, I still wanted to find out what happened next. So I girded my loins and picked up Unravel Me. 

Aaaaand…I liked it so much more! I mean, the language still threw me off. I understand the reasoning behind it better now; Juliette is unstable and as she grows more into herself, the cross-throughs become less frequent. So the cross-throughs don’t annoy me as much anymore. So why did I race through reading it? One word: Warner. Wait! Two words: Warner and Kenji. Kenji continues to be his awesome, hilarious self and is the one person in the book who just plain makes sense all the time.

kenji, the entire book.

I practically cheered when he told Juliette to grow the fuck up and stop whining about her goddamn feelings all the time and to actually do something. Because, come on, Juliette, you’re in the middle of a fucking war! No one cares about your stupid boyfriend problems!

But back to the one word that will probably make everyone hate me because everyone’s team Adam and whatnot: Warner. I seriously want to shake Tahereh Mafi’s hand and maybe give her a hug for the way she so skillfully wrote Warner in this book. I was so engrossed with what Warner was doing. Mafi brings nuances to Warner’s character without making it unbelievable or erasing who the reader knows him as from the first book. He can still be ruthless, merciless, and selfish, but he’s also passionate and tender. He’s done terrible, unforgivable things and yet is still redeemable. Warner is exactly the kind of character I instantly get behind and root for. And of course I can’t mention Warner without mentioning…

Holy hell, was that hot. Like, super hot. Like, I hid my face behind the book even though I was reading in my room alone. It takes a lot to make me all hot and bothered when reading a sexy scene, and boy, does this chapter deliver. I don’t know how anyone can read Chapter 62 and not be on team Warner. Then again, I joined team Warner before this chapter, so maybe I went into it biased. I’m still kind of a bit swoony from reading it.

And there’s this other hot moment before Chapter 62 where Warner pulls down the top of his pants a little to show Juliette a tattoo on his hip, and I was like dayummmmm.

Overall impression:
Unravel Me surpassed my expectations in both action and swoon. I eagerly await book 3.



4 thoughts on “Book Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

  1. YEEEES!!!! Team Warner!!!! Welcome to the deliciously dark side 🙂 He is the BEST character in the entire series. I love how you say he is ruthless but passionate and tender, so true! He is so complex and dark yet endearing and adorable. We blogging badasses need to start coining the phrase Chapter 62. As in, *sees hot guy out* “Hey, see that hot guy over there? I’d totally Chapter 62 him.” Wouldn’t that be awesome!

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