I Ship…: The TV Edition

I’ve already told you  about some of the boys I root for in YA fiction; the obvious follow-up is which relationships on tv make me swoon and sigh and cry. When I say I get obsessive about tv couples, I mean it. Like, can’t-fall-asleep-because-I’m-replaying-moments-in-my-head kind of obsession. There’s just something about following the ups and downs of a relationship over several seasons that gets me all flustered. Beware: spoilers below.

Logan and Veronica (LoVe)

no joke: I watched this kiss about 7 times in a row. then I woke up the next morning and watched it again.

I’m listing this one first because it’s the one that’s been on my mind as I’ve binged on Veronica Mars for the past week. This is my first time watching the show and I am crazy obsessed with Logan. He starts off all douchebag, and then you find out he’s actually complicated with amazing depth. I haven’t finished watching through season 3 yet, but I already know that all I care about movie-wise is the two of them ending up together. I will actually cry if it doesn’t happen. And I’m not talking some lame-ass cop-out where the last scene is them agreeing to go to coffee together or something to see where it goes, which just hints at the possibility they’ll end up together. No, I want a passionate scene with swelling music where they confess their love for each other and walk off into the sunset together. I will accept nothing less from the movie. They are meant to be, goddamn it!

Buffy and Spike (Spuffy)

look at the way he looks at her.

Ah, Joss Whedon. How you make me fall in love and then rip out my heart and stomp it into the ground. I’ll start by saying…I got Angel. I thought he and Buffy were hot and romantic and his whole tortured, brooding thing was smoking. But Spike…he’s just hilarious and British and badass. Their chemistry was off the charts. I think the real reason I loved Spike so much, though, was that he fell in love with Buffy as a soulless demon and then underwent physical and emotional trials to get his soul returned so he could be worthy of her.

Caroline and Klaus (Carolaus)

you’re always safe in klaus’s arms, caroline!

Caroline has had the most interesting and dynamic arc of any character on The Vampire Diaries. She started off as just this brainless cheerleader who was a minor character. Then she became a vampire and everything changed. She shows such strength and has such a strong personality. She’s seriously my favorite. I started off totally rooting for her and Tyler. Apparently reformed douchebags are my speciality. Then Klaus walked into the picture and…hot damn! I want them to be together forever (they’re vampires, so it’s totally possible!). When they look at each other, sparks just fly off the screen. Yes, Klaus is a mass murderer and generally selfish, but he also loves his family even when he keeps them staked in coffins and would do anything to protect them. He finally found his match in her. Caroline and Klaus have the chance to be an epic love story, but I don’t know what’s going to happen since he got his own spinoff and everything.

Chuck and Blair (Chair)

tv at its best…and sexiest.

On-again, off-again, when will the torture end? That’s what I was thinking throughout the entire show. When they first hooked up in the limo, it was so unexpected but just felt right. That scene is probably one of my favorite scenes on tv of all time. Their tumultuous relationship was the best part of Gossip Girl. I could care less what the fuck Serena was doing (she never quite grew out of being insanely annoying…though I will say I was a Dan/Serena shipper). Blair and Chuck’s love was manipulative, passionate, and supportive and gave me all the feels.

Emma and Hook

sexual tension ftw.

These two need to hook up (see what I did there?) right now. Like seriously. If I can’t have Hot Sheriff back, then Hook will have to do. But really…all I want is to go back in time and not have Hot Sheriff die. Anyways…back to Hook. He’s out for revenge, he’s done terrible things, blah blah blah. I just want him to start ambiguously working for the side of good while maintaining his quippy comebacks so that he and Emma can get it on. Being with the father of your child is so overrated.

Harvey and Donna

oh sweet innocent Donna. soon you’ll be much closer…SOON. (just kidding, it’ll probably take 3 more seasons)

Who cares about Mike and Rachel, Harvey and Donna is where it’s at! They have the wittest dialogue and the closest relationship on the show. They may think it’s platonic, but I know better. I know that they’re destined to end up together. Harvey just needs to stop being an idiot and realize what’s right in front of him.

Mindy and Danny

danny and mindy 4eva.

I knew from the first episode that these two were end game. Of course, the creators are being coy about it and saying things like “that’s far off” and “right now we want to focus on them as characters.” The usual nonsense. I just love these two so much. I can feel undercurrents of romantic feelings with every exchange they have. I can’t wait for them to get together, because I have a feeling that a shitton of shenanigans will be involved in their relationship.

4 thoughts on “I Ship…: The TV Edition

  1. This is AN AWESOME POST, HOLY DOOLY. Like, seriously. It deserves an award.
    I don’t know what ships the last two are from, but I LOVE the first few. Except I am definitely an Bangel girl. Angel is just so tortured, and he loved Buffy so much D: But I do love Spike as a character.
    LOVE. Aw, man, if the movie doesn’t show the explicitly living happily ever after, they’re gonna have to make another one. I think they all know we want a movie so we can know who she finally ends up with.
    And Caroline and Klaus should have been explored! It would have been so dramatic, after all the evil things he’s done, and so wonderful to watch 😀

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