Sunday Countdown: 5 Hottest Cartoon Characters (Round 2)

My friend and I were discussing hot cartoon characters (you know, as we do) and I realized that I had so many more to list than just the five in my first post. So here are five more animated characters that I have inappropriate feelings for.

5. Robin, Teen Titans

There’s something so hot about never being able to see his eyes because he’s always wearing his secret identity mask. Also, can I just say that this show is awesome? I rewatched the entire series last summer and it’s still just as good. Robin can be dark and mysterious when he’s fighting his arch nemesis but then silly and hilarious when hanging with his fellow titans and BFFs.

4. Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney classic, so of course Eric made this list. I like how Eric actually does things. Yeah, I know, he gets taken in by a sea witch and apparently doesn’t care that Ariel can’t talk. But once he falls in love with her and thinks he’ll lose her, he risks his life to save her! That’s a prince right there.

3. Flynn Rider, Tangled. Everyone loves a thief. It also doesn’t hurt that Zachary Levi voices him in the movie. Also…the smolder. I will never stop talking about how much I adore Tangled.

2. Mako, The Legend of Korra. I thought nothing could surpass my love for Zuko. I was right, but hot damn, Mako comes close. He’s hot and a badass and can rock a scarf like no other.

1. Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians. This is a recent love, as in I just watched the movie this week and I’m totally obsessed. I didn’t expect much from it, but it totally surprised me with how good a movie it was. Jack Frost is a silver fox, man. He’s like a teenage Anderson Cooper, if Anderson Cooper were straight and a mythical being.


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