Random Ideas, or That Time I Wrote A Pointless Blog Post

Are you guys ready for a long and rambly and totally random blog post?!

Part 1 of the randomness: So I was reading something, a website or online magazine or something, and I came across a quote from someone. I don’t remember the context or anything (god, my memory is shot to hell), but it went along the lines of “I want to read articles like this” or something.

Then I was reading Cosmo (because I like to hate myself…and also for the fashion!) and came across this gem in an article about what they called “kidults,” a term so inane my brain naturally skimmed past it.


When I posted it on twitter, people responded with outrage and disbelief. The author of this article has obviously never read YA; it’s not simple or cheesy at all (well, some of it isn’t).

So these two unrelated events got me thinking about how dissatisfied I’ve been with magazines for women in general. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading Cosmo and Glamour…sometimes it’s nice to just relax and read about how to pleasure a man, a topic that’s in every single issue of Cosmo. I’ve subscribed to both magazines for a while; I know what I’m getting when I open them up.

But the thing is…I want more. I want to look at pictures that aren’t photoshopped, or aren’t photoshopped to make women look like robots. I want to read about what it’s like to careen through this life with no idea what you’re doing. I want real stories, not just ones that are trying to sell me the latest products. I want articles written by people who actually know what the fuck they’re talking about. I want silly and fun and insightful and useful.

So then I was like…why don’t I start an online magazine? That idea lasted for about two seconds because I don’t know the first thing about doing something like that. I mean, magazines are businesses, and I can barely calculate tip without using an app. There’s all kinds of things I would need to do something like that. Writers, editors, cold hard cash.

In conclusion, this is the story of how I came up with a vague idea and immediately realized I couldn’t do anything with it. Le sigh. I realize this post is super lame, but I wanted to commiserate with y’all because I’m bored.

Let’s chat! Have you ever had an idea but didn’t know what to do with it? If you’re a blogger, do you ever come up with something but don’t know how to make it work with your blog? Do you have a bad memory like I do?


4 thoughts on “Random Ideas, or That Time I Wrote A Pointless Blog Post

  1. I have new ideas I don’t know what to do with fairly frequently… starting a magazine has crossed my mind as well! Some ideas come and go, but I’ve decided if I am really am passionate about it, I need to take baby steps to start working towards it.

    1. I always think I have to do everything at once and get so overwhelmed I just give up. You’re so right about the baby steps…that’s definitely something I need to work on.

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