A Few Changes

I’ve decided to implement a few minor changes to my book reviews, because I get bored and like to change things.

I figured I write up a quick post highlighting these changes, so you’re not all suddenly like whaaaattttt?! I thought the start of a new month would be a good time to introduce these changes.

Change 1

The first change, which you may’ve noticed already in my past two reviews, is that I’m including some information at the top of every review.

Title – Author: 
Release Date: 
Format – Source: 

I tried to think of what would be useful to know about the books I review and settled for the stuff above. All of this information will be at the top of every review, so it’ll be easy to find and scan quickly if you want some quick facts about the book. You’ll still be able to see the book’s Goodreads page, which contains much of the same information, by clicking on the book cover image to the right of every review.

Change 2

The other change is one I’ve been considering for a while but hadn’t settled on exactly what I wanted to do with it until now. I’ve decided to change my rating system. I’ll still have a 1-10 scale, because when I’m reading a review, a number rating really helps me determine whether or not I want to read a book. I like 1-10 better than 1-5 because to me there’s a real difference between a 5 book and a 6 book or a 9 book and a 10 book. I wanted to include more in my rating than just a number, though. My overall impression gives you a specific idea of what I thought of the book as a whole, but including more description in my rating will make it easier for you to see how I think the book ranks compared to other books and give a more general outlook.

I’ve been using quills instead of stars because of Harry Potter, but I’m taking my Potter-centric rating even further. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my new rating system.

The Harry Potter Scale of Awesome

DNF – not worth my time – Dolores Umbridge


1 – terrible and irredeemable – Lord Voldemort


2 – crazily bad – Bellatrix Lestrange


3 – turns you to stone with its lack of depth or emotion – the basilisk


4 – bad but still readable – Gilderoy Lockhart


5 – flawed but redeemable – Draco Malfoy


6 – good but doesn’t have that wow factor – Mrs. Figg


7 – really good but missing a little something – George Weasley


8 – deserving of a re-read – Fred Weasley


9 – seriously great – Sirius Black


10 – life-changing and perfect – Severus Snape


To those of you who haven’t read HP, just ignore the characters and read the rating. To those you who have, I hope you enjoy the little jokes I’ve included in the ratings.

From now on, all reviews will reflect these changes.


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