How I Shop in Bookstores

I loved this post by Jamie of The Perpetual Page-Turner about being a unicorn blogger and not inspecting books before buying them…mainly because I’m the exact opposite. So I thought I’d take you through a typical me experience while shopping in a bookstore.

I used to always go to Borders, but that’s no longer an option. If I’m in a bookstore, it’s probably a Barnes & Noble. I have nothing against indie bookstores, but the ones in my area aren’t very close to my house. So…B&N it is.

I pretend to look at the bestsellers’ shelves in the front of store before quietly and inconspicuously making my way to the young adult section. I don’t know why, but I’m still sort of embarrassed about shopping in the young adult section. I feel like people are looking at me and being all, why is that not-teenager looking at teen books? It’s a ridiculous way to feel, since YA is so popular these days with all ages groups, but I can’t help it. So I try my best not to make eye contact with anyone nearby while I’m in the young adult aisles.

I peruse the shelves, looking for a pretty cover or a title that catches my eye. I lust over the hardcovers, but never buy them because I’m poor and can’t afford full-price hardcovers.

When I find a paperback I’m going to buy, the OCD kicks in. I stand there for ten minutes carefully inspecting every single copy the store has. I first look at the edges. You know how sometimes edges get scraped off a little, so you can see the white underneath? Yeah, I won’t buy a copy that has that.

Next I check for wrinkles on the cover. Then I’ll flip through the pages to make sure none of them are bent or torn. Basically what this means is that in any given bookstore, there’s probably only one copy out of however many are in stock that meets my standards. If there’s only one copy of a book in the store and it’s not completely perfect, I still won’t buy it even if I really want it. Once I have my book in hand, I’ll put back the other copies just as they were before I got there.

At this point I’m over my embarrassment of only buying YA books because I’m SO EXCITED TO BE BUYING BOOKS. Brand new pretties for my shelves! New stories galore! So I saunter up to the checkout counter like


8 thoughts on “How I Shop in Bookstores

  1. I am the same way about inspecting books! I said this on Jamie’s post too, but if I’m paying for a “new” book, I want it to look new! And I don’t only do it at physical bookstores. If I’ve ordered a book online and it comes with a bent cover or crinkly pages, I send it back. (Is that going too far? I can’t help it!) So, I’m with you on this, haha.

    1. glad you’re with me on this! I’ve never returned a book online if it didn’t show up perfect, but that’s just because I’m lazy and hate the post office haha.

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