Actor Creepin’: Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt

I have mixed feelings about The Maze Runner series. I really enjoyed it all the way up to the ending, which I felt was a total cop-out. I loved the Gladers and all the mysteries surrounding the Maze. I still think the series is worth reading, and I’m super excited for the movie. Mainly because of this kid.

Look at that face! Look at him bonding with Liam Neeson! (Who doesn’t want Liam Neeson to be their father?) His story is one of my favorites from Love Actually. Kid knows what he’s talking about.

But then I was like…wait, isn’t he too young to play a teenage Glader fighting Grievers and shit? I mean, he’s adorable and all, but not exactly the face I want to see battling the end of the world, etc.

Then I was calmly watching Game of Thrones and bam! There he was!

My first thought? Dayummmmmm he’s hot now. And then I IMDb-ed him and realized he’s only a year younger than me. So apparently he hasn’t been the same age as his Love Actually character this whole time.

Here he is with a popped collar looking all fine and shit. After watching him on Game of Thrones, I’m thinking he has what it takes to play Newt. I mean, Newt’s a leader, loyal, and keeps everyone together. I think he’s going to be brilliant at playing the complexities of Newt, who’s my favorite character in the books. With Sangster in the cast, the movie is looking up already and it hasn’t even started filming.


3 thoughts on “Actor Creepin’: Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt

  1. This is one of those kid actors I’ve been interested to look and see what happened to him. Did he become a meth head?? Did he find a cure for some tropical disease? I’m glad you did the work for me and he’s still acting and being a cutie patooty. Saying he’s fiiiine would be a little too cougary for me.

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