Mockingjay Playlist

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The final installment in my Hunger Games playlist series is here! (You can see my playlists for The Hunger Games here and Catching Fire here). You can listen to this playlist on Spotify and YouTube. As in the previous playlists, this one follows the events of the book in the order they happened. I’ve included some descriptions as to why I chose each song and for what moment I was thinking of when I made the playlist. Enjoy!

1. Rise from the Ashes, Quietdrive – Katniss as she looks at District 12 covered in ashes

2. Live and Learn, The Cardigans – Katniss going through her old home

3. Still Alright, Adam Merrin – Katniss struggling to hold herself together, having to repeat who she is to herself in her mind

4. Uprising, Muse – Katniss agreeing to become the Mockingjay and helping District 13

5. Power, Kanye West – Katniss when she’s talking to the camera in District 8 and saying if we burn, you’ll burn with us

6. Trinity, Paper Tongues – Katniss and Gale’s friendship, when they film propos in District 12 together

7. Yeah Yeah Yeah, New Politics – when Peeta warns District 13 of an attack and the camera falls, showing splatters of blood

8. Scars, Papa Roach – Katniss going crazy over the thought that Snow is using Peeta to get to her

9. I’m in Here, Sia – when Katniss sees the roses above ground after the attack

10. My Heart With You, The Rescues – Katniss when Gale goes to rescue Peeta

11. Secrets, OneRepublic – Finnick confessing to the cameras that the Capitol prostituted him

12. Trouble is a Friend, Lenka – when the rescue team returns and Katniss finally has Peeta back…but then he tries to kill her

13. We Might As Well Be Strangers, Keane – how Katniss feels when Peeta’s recovery from hijacking means he can’t be reminded of Katniss in any way, when Peeta associates Katniss with mutts

14. Same Blood, The Academy Is… – Katniss interceding after they attack the Nut and reasoning with one of the survivors, preventing a bloodbath

15. White Lies, Stacy Clark – when Coin sends Peeta to Katniss’s group, intending Peeta to kill her

16. The Weight of Us, Sanders Bohlke – when Boggs dies and gives the Holo to Katniss

17. What Can I Say, Brandi Carlile – when Peeta asks the group to kill him

18. Don’t Wake Me Up, The Hush Sound – when Katniss remembers Peeta saying “always”

19. Citizen Soldier, 3 Doors Down – when members of the group sacrifice themselves while fleeing the mutts in the tunnels

20. Black Tables, Other Lives – when Katniss kisses Peeta and he comes back to her

21. I Just Wanna Run, The Downtown Fiction – when Katniss and her group split up and move through the Capitol undercover so Katniss can kill Snow

22. Crossfire, Brandon Flowers – when Katniss and Gale get caught in the middle of a fight and get separated

23. Sons and Daughters, The Decemberists – when Katniss sees the children gathered outside Snow’s house and they’re bombed

24. Hear You Me, Jimmy Eat World – Prim dies

25. Empty Room, The Arcade Fire – Prim dies

26. Half Asleep, School of Seven Bells – Katniss in her drugged state after Prim dies

27. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, Brand New – Gale saying it doesn’t matter if the bombs were his, Katniss will always doubt him

28. Tyrant, The Bravery – Katniss shooting Coin

29. A Message, Coldplay – “Real or not real?” “Real.”

30. Wonder, Jack Savoretti – epilogue


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