Actor Creepin’: Dylan O’Brien as Thomas

I gave my thoughts on one Maze Runner character, but what about the main character? When Dylan O’Brien was announced, I was like, whatever I have no idea who that is. Then Buzzfeed posted this article and I realized he was adorable!

Then I was watching New Girl and guess who I saw?

There he was, playing guitar…

attempting to sex up Jess…

…and questioning his sexuality.

So basically this is the only thing I know him from because I don’t watch Teen Wolf. Though from what I can tell, I think I should start watching if just to see him more on screen.

He can rock bowties, super short hair, and glasses, all of which I’m sure are important skills to survive in a dystopian thriller.


But none of that matters. This here is the most important piece of evidence of his capability to lead a YA movie.


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