Love Triangles That Work

I usually hate love triangles. I think they’re a cheap way to create tension in a book when the plot is supposed to be doing that. I hate the back-and-forth, who-will-she-choose, etc. I hate how shallow it makes characters seem.

Sometimes, though, love triangles work. They don’t distract from the story. The romances aren’t the defining characteristics of the three involved. Here are three love triangles that I actually enjoyed reading.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 4.35.26 PM

I haven’t read Crown of Midnight yet (though I did just get approved on NetGalley, so I’m totally going to read it next!), but Throne of Glass sets up the kind of triangle I can get behind. Both men realize they have feelings for Celaena at different times. Celaena realizes that she feels something for both in different ways. There are no insta-love declarations. No one is making someone else their sole reason for living. What I think is the best part of this triangle is that both boys are so different. Sometimes the two guys blend together, but Dorian and Chaol are unique with their own motivations and personalities.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 4.36.19 PM

I thought I was really going to dislike this love triangle. I’m making a broad and probably grossly inaccurate generalization, but I find that love triangles in paranormal books are the worst of the lot. So basically I’m pre-disinclined to like romantic relationships in paranormal series. The characters in Unearthly really surprised me. I understood why Clara liked both boys. They offer very different things in their relationships with Clara.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 4.37.40 PM

Juliette might not be my favorite, but damn gurl can catch herself some fiiiine men. We all know I’m Team Warner, but I see the appeal of Adam. Both boys are smoking hot and are trying their best in this world. This is the weakest triangle of my list because I’m pretty certain of who she’ll end up with, which kind of removes any of the suspense. But I still can’t get enough of these three. Probably because of all the hot make out scenes.


5 thoughts on “Love Triangles That Work

  1. LOVE these triangles! I’m okay with them if the triangles are done well… but mostly, they are not. I also don’t find them realistic. And when the girl can’t decide and is just stringing both along… well, it makes me dislike everyone for being weak and selfish! Anyway… these triangles totally work and cannot wait to get to see how they develop further in the series (except for Unearthly bc I know how that ends!).

    P.S. Reading Crown of Midnight right now…. sooooo good!

  2. Amen! Love triangles are in every YA book nowadays and most of the time they swallow up the whole plot :S With these 3 that was indeed not the case. I guess I could add the love triangle from the Hunger Games, Katniss had better things to do than to worry about boys:)

  3. THESE ARE LITERALLY THE ONES THAT CAME TO MIND WHEN I COMMENTED ON THAT LAST LOVE TRIANGLE POST. LOL. But you had just talked about the Crown of Midnight one, so I knew your feelings. And I didn’t want to spoil you on Warner being part of the triangle if you hadn’t read Unravel Me yet. But yesyesYES.

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