Love Triangles That Don’t Work

I gave some examples of love triangles that I actually enjoyed reading last week. This week, I thought I’d share some of the triangles that I can’t stand. The kind of love triangles that give all love triangles a bad name. The ones that are so annoying they make you want to pull your hair out.

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Ah, the original. The beginning of all evil. This one is the worst because there was never any hope for Jacob. Bella was never going to choose him. So all that angst and whining was for nothing, because we all knew what her decision would be. Though of course the real question will always be: why did either of them even like her?!

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Ugh, Aspen. What a poor excuse for a love interest. Most of my annoyance at this triangle comes from The Elite because America literally spends her time flipping between Maxon and Aspen from chapter to chapter. She leads both of them on and any sort of sympathy or liking I had for her was totally erased by her flip-flopping.

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So the Delirium series was marketed as this epic love story, which actually was what Delirium gave us. With Pandemonium, Julian was introduced and I was all for Team Julian. I felt he was a complex, nuanced character that provided a lot of depth to the story. Requiem is where it all went to hell. Through her romantic entanglements with both Alex and Julian, Lena becomes a completely unlikeable character. She treats Julian like shit and acts like a jerk to Alex (who doesn’t act any better). Disappointing romance all around.

Let’s chat! Are there love triangles that you absolutely love? What about ones that make you want to scream?

8 thoughts on “Love Triangles That Don’t Work

  1. OMG yes to all of these!!!! First off, I never really got that the Twilight triangle was really a triangle at all. It was a girl and a boy in love and another boy in love with the girl who wasn’t in love with him. So why are we wondering who she’ll end up with?! The one that REALLY grates on my nerves was the triangle in The Selection series…. who really wants Aspen? Couldn’t stand him! And yes about Lena… I would have rather Alex and Julian ended up together than either with her! Great post!

  2. OH my gosh, your examples are fantastic!! I HATED the love triangle in The Infernal Devices series…especially with the last book. I just can’t even talk about it, the conclusion was so terrible to me. I don’t mind love triangles if the choices seem true to the characters. I like when the triangle is resolved in the second book (i.e. Birthmarked trilogy) because you can enjoy the relationship for the entire last book and have it not be entirely about just the love story. I want to enjoy reading about these characters finally being together instead of a decision in the last 15 pages. ALSO–totally agree about Aspen. He is a total nonentity to me. He is like, not even an option. He’s not even around. Julian–meh. I liked him in Pandy but then it’s like uh, yeah, let’s not be stupid you belong with Alex. Let him have hurt feelings but c’mon Lena, stroke his ego a little bit, you thought he was dead. Sigh. GREAT post Ellie! 🙂

  3. I haven’t actually read The Selection or Delirium, so I skipped those sections. But YES to Edward/Jacob/Bella. Because what even. Like you said, there was no reason for the Jacob point to even be there, because there was never a chance for him. That’s basically the epitome of what I dislike about a lot of love triangles. They are there for pointless drama, but you know which guy is going to win from the beginning. You know they won’t deviate from it. And if it weren’t bad enough, my worst problem with those is that I usually dislike the “obvious” winner, LOL. They’re usually terrible and not nearly as deserving of the heroine as the runner-up. Twilight, the Iron Fey series, and many others are guilty of this. And it drives me crazy.

    I actually do love a good love triangle, though! If it is well written, I enjoy the heck out of it. Clara/Christian/Tucker from the Unearthly series is the first one that comes to mind. Because both guys were amazing but different, and I could see Clara with either of them at one point.

    1. I haven’t read the Iron Fey series yet, but I want to! It sounds like I’ll feel the same way as you about the love triangle when I finally read it.

  4. I totally agree with your assessment of Lena, Julian and Alex. I LOVED Julian so much. He was such a good character, and I thought he added a lot of complexity to the whole trilogy. He and Lena were just so good together; their entire relationship seemed to me to be so much more mature and better than Lena’s and Alex’s. But then Oliver goes and destroys it all! I was sooooo sad with what she did in the third book that I can’t even read the first two ever again. So, so sad.

  5. Oh, I think that Kelley Armstrong’s relationship triangle between Rafe, Maya, and Daniel was really good in her Darkness Rising trilogy. I loved Daniel in those books!

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