Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Romantic Comedies

I love a good rom com. Sometimes you just need to spend an hour and half watching two people make googly eyes at each other, do it, fight, and make up. Here are five romantic comedies that I watch over and over again.

5. Two Weeks Notice 

I love Sandra Bullock. I’ll pretty much watch any movie she’s in, no matter the genre. Something about her paired with Hugh Grant makes this one of my favorite rom coms.

4. He’s Just Not That Into You

This formula has become familiar these days, hoping to imitate the success of Love Actually. While Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve were completely unwatchable, I love this one. My favorite story lines are the Jennifer Aniston/Ben Affleck one and the Ginnifer Goodwin/Justin Long one. This movie is the only time I’ve ever found Justin Long attractive.

3. She’s All That

I will never not watch this movie. It’s adorable and hilarious and awkward and HELLO FREDDIE PRINZE JR. IN HIS PRIME.

2. You’ve Got Mail

I’ve seen this movie so many times that I usually recite all the lines while watching. Tom Hanks is always compelling, but he’s particularly charming in this one. Plus, this movie has it all: bookstores, the AOL dial-up noise, and a cute dog!

1. Love Actually

If you ask me what my favorite movie of all time is, I’ll say Love Actually. I always watch it at Christmas (and multiple times throughout the year). My favorite story is the Colin Firth one, but the Liam Neeson one and the Hugh Grant one are close seconds.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Countdown: 5 Favorite Romantic Comedies

  1. AHH! I knew there was a reason I thought you were fantastic. Two Weeks Notice is my favorite romantic comedy. Ever. I can practically quote it to you backwards and forwards. The combination of Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant is magic. ♥

    I’m a fan of Love, Actually (♥♥!), She’s All That, and He’s Just Not That Into You as well. I’ve only seen You’ve Got Mail once, several years ago, but I should totally watch it again.

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