Anxieties of a Series Addict

I complain a lot about everything being a series these days (actually, I complain about everything, period. bah humbug). But the secret truth is…


Wait…that’s the wrong secret. Really, though, I absolutely love series. I love following characters on their journeys, watching them grow and make mistakes and fall in love. You feel like you know these characters by the end. It’s compelling stuff. But loving book series comes with its downsides. I know I’m not the only one who gets anxious about the following series pitfalls.

The Waiting

I’m convinced that the worst feeling in the world is reading a book, falling madly in love with it, and then realizing that the next one doesn’t come out for a year or more. Why must I wait?! Why can’t I have everything I want the instant that I want it?!


Waiting is torture. I get so worried that something is happening to my beloved characters, but I don’t know what BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE THE BOOK YET.

The Feels

Like I said already, the best part of series is going on a journey with your favorite character. You feel what they do: heartbreak, fear, joy…it’s a damn roller coaster of emotion over the course of 3+ books. My heart is just yanked around and pulled apart and sewn together again and crushed into a million pieces.



The Sophomore Slump

Everyone’s heard of the sophomore slump, where the first book was so freaking good but then the second doesn’t live up to it. This makes me cry a river. I’m someone who, once I love something, looks forward to the next installment like crazy. Like I mark the release date in my Google calendar so I can always know how far away I am from getting my hands on the next adventure. And then if, after all the waiting, it’s not exactly what I wanted?


The End of Series Terror

Oh man. So much anxiety over what happens when a series ends. I get legitimately scared of what the end will be like. What if a character I love dies? What if the main character suddenly sucks? WHAT IF MY SHIP DOESN’T GET TOGETHER?!


Let’s chat! Does anyone else get super anxious reading series?


6 thoughts on “Anxieties of a Series Addict

  1. This makes me laugh because it’s quite relatable. I’ve also realized I don’t get the same anxiety over shorter series’ such as a few I’ve been reading: Numbers by Rachel Ward and Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, but the anxiety laden ones like the Harry Potter series with the waiting and the “oh-my-God-what-if” moments were so worth it! It also helped that the age of Harry Potter was the same as mine at the beginning so it felt like a welcomed distraction with it being somewhat relatable (I’m not why, I just felt super into it I guess lol)

  2. I usually come into a series late which means the second or the third or last books is already out…thus no waiting anxiety. And in those cases where the last book is not out, the middle books were just so-so….so even though I want to read the final book, I’m not anxious for it.

  3. Yes to ALL THESE THINGS. There’s a reason I try like crazy to wait until all the parts are out, and then binge read the series.

    And LOLOL at your Lion King GIF. That is just SO perfect! If I DO actually read a series as they come out (or at least have to wait for the last one), I will often torture myself for at least a few extra days/weeks/months after I get the final one. Because I don’t want it to end! I’m scared that it will not be what I want. I still haven’t read Shades of Earth for that very reason. But then, there are also series where I don’t even care. I mean, I do care. But my need to have the book in my life this. very. second. outweighs my fears.

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