PierceFest: Why I Love the Immortals Quartet

I’m a huge Tamora Pierce fan, so when I heard about PierceFest, I knew I wanted to write up a post where I go all mushy about one of my favorite series. I started my foray into Pierce’s works a little backwards: I read the Trickster’s duet first, which is about the daughter (Aly) of Pierce’s famous heroine, Alanna. I unequivocally loved it. Then, of course, I had to read Alanna’s series so I could understand how she got to be so famous. I still loved this series, but not as much as Aly’s. Then I moved on to the Immortals quartet and fell head over heels in love with those four books. I just re-read them this week and feel like I have to share my love. So here are three reasons why you absolutely should read the Immortals quartet.



The Animals

Daine wins the award for coolest powers ever: she can talk to animals, shape-shift into any animal, and heal them. Out of all the magic powers in Tortall, this is totally the one I would choose. She makes so many awesome animal friends! She chills with a badass wolf pack, rescues a pygmy marmoset, hunts with hyenas, and raises a baby dragon. And we can’t forget her sassy pony, Cloud! Like seriously, if I was Daine, I would spend all my time talking with animals.

The Characters

Daine is an awesome heroine. She starts off the series as a young girl afraid of her powers who has just experienced a terrible loss. I love how she grows over the course of the series; she matures and really comes into her powers. She’s incredibly compassionate but can be fierce and deadly when her home and friends are threatened. Her teacher Numair is witty, powerful, and kind. Plus, we get to see more of our favorites like Alanna, George, Thayet, and Jonathan.

The Romance

Major sa-woon alert! In the first book Daine is 13, so we don’t really see any romance until the fourth book when she’s 16 (with hints in the third book of what’s to come). But let me tell you…big build-up, even bigger payoff. Daine and Numair have one of the hottest kisses ever. When it finally happens, it happens with fireworks and heat and so much swooning. You might think, wait didn’t you say Numair was her teacher? Yes, ok, so she’s 16 and he’s 30. Normally this would totally creep me out, but somehow it works. Trust me when I say that this romance is hot and natural and feels right when it falls into place. They belong together.

Let’s chat! Have you read any of Pierce’s series? Which one is your favorite? Do you love the Immortals quartet as much as I do?


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