Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where each week we get a new topic for a top ten list. I’ve already revealed ten words/topics that instantly catch my attention when it comes to reading, but this week is all about the opposite reaction. Here are ten words/topics that make me avoid certain books like the plague.

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1. “Vampires.” I’ve read Twilight. I watch True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. I have more than enough of a vampire fix.

2. “Werewolves.” Werewolves have never really done it for me. I just don’t see anything attractive or interesting about turning into a man-wolf once a month. I would take vampires over werewolves any day. Though this opinion might change the longer I watch Teen Wolf. 

3. “New York.” I’m not a fan of NYC. It’s big and dirty and crowded. I’m okay with vacationing there, but I would never want to live there and I certainly don’t want to read about it.

4. “Cancer.” I cry too much. Also, I feel like since I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars, I’ll never need another cancer book.

5. “Horror.” I won’t watch horror movies and I won’t read horror books. Sorry, no Stephen King for me.

6. “Animal violence/death.” This is the most unnecessary thing ever and I won’t read it or watch it. I’ve actually put a book down and never finished when an animal was killed. I refuse to watch Gladiator because he kills a tiger.

7. “Popular.” I’m way over the pretty popular girl with the heart of gold story. Mainly because I find it incredibly unbelievable.

8. “The next Harry Potter.” This one just annoys me. It’s a straight up lie. Nothing is ever going to be the next Harry Potter. It’s time marketing departments got over it and stopped comparing every fantasy novel published to HP.

9. “Forbidden romance.” It’s never as forbidden as they think it is.

10. “Angels.” I’m becoming more open to this one, but I still won’t read it unless I hear tons of rave reviews or personal recommendations. I read Unearthly because a friend raved about it and I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone because everyone was talking about it. Since I loved both of those maybe angels won’t be as taboo, but I’m still unlikely to pick up an angel book in the bookstore.


29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make Me NOT Pick Up A Book

  1. Bahahah!!1 ‘It’s never as forbidden as they think’ OMG I’m dying laughing–so true. And I’m creeped out that our lists and reasons are so similar–love it 🙂 Angels–speaking to the choir girlfriend!

  2. I put “the next Harry Potter” on my list, too. I hate that one! I do have to say that I just read a book that is very much a forbidden romance, and it’s actually – SHOCK AND AWE – forbidden. Like, physically forbidden. I was very pleased that they’d actually have something legitimate to overcome if they are to ever get together!

    My TTT post

  3. I don’t read angel books either. It’s too close to religion for me. I totally hear you about cancer – it’s usually just an attempt at emotional blackmail. I’m not here for that.

    I also totally agree with vamp fiction. I am so over it already. I read the Vampire Chronicles a long time ago, I read the True Blood books, read Twilight, etc etc etc. I am DONE with this paranormal species. Done.

    Pretty Deadly Reviews

  4. We have a few topics in common, though I do like books set in NYC! I liked the same two angel books you mentioned, but agree the good ones are few and far between.

  5. I have a problem with animal violence and death…more than human, there must be something wrong there somewhere. i did read Iain Banks The Wasp Factory because I was told it was such a great book and he recently died. It was extremely well written and very suspenseful and the ending was definitely unexpected, but it was full of animal cruelty and it made me really uncomfortable reading it.

  6. Forbidden romance! Oh my, yes! It really is a lot less forbidden, isn’t it? And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who put angels on my list. I thought that one might be strange, but I just can’t seem to get into them.

    Litza @ She Dreams in Fiction

  7. I pretty much don’t like any book that is marketed as “the next … (insert your favorite book in here)” If it is the next anything then it generally means it is going to end up way to similar to my favorite book which means I have read it already right?
    And nothing will ever be Harry Potter

  8. Ooo, yes, to vampire! I should have totally included that. I’ve never been into vampires. I mean, they drink blood, and that is freaky shit. I have read Twilight, but it was more of an exception to the vampire thing. Although, everyone says I should read Vampire Academy.

    And heck yeah – Harry Potter is one of a kind!!

  9. First of all, I just have to tell you how much I adore the way you’ve set up this post – It’s super cute! 🙂

    I tend to avoid angel books like the plague. After being disappointed one too many times, I’m inclined to believe they’re just not the sort of story I enjoy. Plus, I find the way the angel lore is often interpreted rather silly. Not that I actually believe in them, but for argument’s sake, if they did exist, I would like to think they would do more than bum around Earth and moon after an ordinarily girl as they seem so want to do 😛

  10. Good list. I shy away from a lot of angel stories too, but Unearthly was just so good. I’m really glad you mention animal violence/death. I don’t want to read about that either. It makes me too sad.
    My TTT

  11. Haha, I love Teen Wolf. You shall be converted! I love the concept of werewolves waaaay more than vampires, that’s for sure. (There’s a reason why I fell for Jacob instead of Edward in Twilight.) But I definitely agree with you about “forbidden romance” and the books about “it” girls. I’m sorry, high school was done a long time ago for me. And even then I never had to deal with the type of social hierarchy portrayed in YA books. Great list!

  12. Animal violence is a big one that will make me stay away from a book, but if it is a feel good story about a beloved family pet I tend to get suckered in and then get mad at myself for reading it. I know the animal is going to die, why do I subject myself to falling in love with Old Yeller, just to have it end horribly?

    Great list!

  13. Definitely agree with the “horror” and “popular”. I’m so over the mean girls thing and I just can’t do horror. I also hate books where animals die, but I won’t necessarily not read them because of it. Unless the animal is like a major part of the book. Then I will sob my eyes out and throw the book across the room, never to pick it up again. Great list!

    My Top Ten

  14. I like the lovely pictures you used for your list! I had fun guessing what they represented before I read your actual list. 😛
    And I definitely agree with you on animal abuse/death. Why didn’t I think of that?
    You’re also totally right on the forbidden love thing.
    Great list! 😀

    My TTT

  15. I love that you included Forbidden Romance. That made me laugh. I completely agree. It gets annoying to read how much they aren’t supposed to be together but what do you know they end up together.
    I do like werewolf books like the Mercy Thompson series but I can pass on Vampire books.
    Great list.

  16. I have horror on my list, too! I get scared way too easily. You’re definitely right about forbidden romance. I hate it when I start something and there’s this tiny obstacle between the two love interests that is easily removed. I’m left feeling like . . . “That’s it?” Lovely list! 😀

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