Bookish Confession #5: I Have To Read In Order

Ready for my next bookish confession? You can find links to previous posts in this mini-series below!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 5.06.36 PMI just can’t read out of order. I know some people can pick up a series on the second or third book, but that’s practically sacrilegious to me. I go so far as to need to read companion books in order even though by definition they can be read in any order or by themselves.  If I reread a series, I still start from the beginning despite knowing what happens or knowing that I don’t like some of the books as much as the others in the series (*cough*New Moon*cough*). I can’t even watch tv shows out of order. If I’m going to watch something, I have to start from the beginning. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t really need to do that to understand the plot or the episode.

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6 thoughts on “Bookish Confession #5: I Have To Read In Order

  1. I definitely couldn’t start a series in the middle. I’m the exact same way! Unless of course I pick up a book, read it through and the realize that it was part of a series (and not the first). I’ll claim ignorance for as long as necesary! 🙂
    – Krys

  2. Ohhh my gosh YES. I am exactly the same with books, TV and film! I just can’t do things out of order, it’s like forever having an itch that needs to be scratched!!

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