Book Bangin’: Dystopia

It’s time for the next Book Bangin’ post with Kelly from Belle of the Literati! This month is dystopian boys. Yum.

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Ah, the ultimate dystopian boyfriend. The strong, silent type. The dangerous knife-wielder with the heart of gold. Be still my heart. [Divergent series]

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I’m a sucker for the anti-hero. Warner is just so much more interesting than stupid Adam. He struggles with the whole morality thing. He’s in the gray, and that’s sexy. Also, chapter 62. [Shatter Me series]

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Julian deals with so much crap from Lena and it’s so undeserved. I mean, he  goes against everything he was taught to believe and joins the Resistance. That’s pretty badass in my opinion. [Delirium series]

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Newt is my favorite character from the series. I know you’re supposed to crush on the main guy, and there’s nothing that particularly describes Newt as being a stone-cold fox, but whatever. I still love him. [The Maze Runner series]

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I could’ve gone with Gale or Peeta, but they’re boring (I’m team Peeta, for the record). Finnick is sarcastic and damaged and flirty and funny and brave. Also, drop-dead gorgeous. The whole merman-esque thing he’s got going on is a big turn-on for me too. I LOVE the ocean. [The Hunger Games series]

Let’s chat! I honestly thought this list would be longer, but I apparently haven’t read as many dystopians as I thought I had. Do you have any recommendations for me? (Hot boys aren’t a requirement, but definitely a plus!)

11 thoughts on “Book Bangin’: Dystopia

  1. You always have the best choices! In Book Bangin and TTT! First of all, WARNER WARNER WARNER WARNER!!!!! I cannot. I just f’ing love him! Four-obvi! NEWT!?!?! What a fantastic choice!! Seriously, I kind of totally forgot about The Maze Runner and should have had Thomas. I do love him. However, my feelings have changed a little after the third book….Love this, Ellie!! 🙂

  2. Love Four so much and OMG HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT FINNICK? I was blinded by my love for Peeta I guess 🙂

    I’m TeamAnderson for Shatter Me and TeamAlex allllllll the way for Delirium but I love Newt, too. xo

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