Bookish Confession #8: I Prefer Reading Female POV

Ready for my next bookish confession? This one will conclude my foray into confessing my weird bookish habits. I hope you enjoyed these little insights! You can find links to previous posts in this mini-series below! Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 5.06.36 PMA common complaint from the general public is the lack of male points-of-view in YA fiction (for people who think that aren’t boy YA books, I direct you to read this Tumblr post). I often feel like YA books with male POVs are treated like special snowflakes, like it’s impossible to read one and not remark upon the fact that a boy narrators. Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite series of all times are told from a male’s POV (The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson). But when it comes down to it, I just enjoy reading a female-narrated book more. I’m more likely to pick up a book with a female narrator while browsing in a bookstore or choose to read a female POV when deciding what book to read next. The most obvious reason for this is because I’m a girl. I’m the type of person who likes to put myself into stories and imagine myself in the characters’ place. This is just easier when the character I’m reading is also a girl. As the Darkling would say, “like calls to like.”

Let’s chat! Do you have a preference when it comes to POV in books?

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5 thoughts on “Bookish Confession #8: I Prefer Reading Female POV

  1. I’m kind of surprised that I don’t have a POV preference. Some of my favorite books have male narrators (Ashfall, Winger, Percy Jackson), though I love female narrators just as much. I guess it kind of depends on what mood I’m in on whether I feel more like picking up a female or male narrated POV, but usually I just choose my books based on the premise and not so much on the narrator.

  2. I prefer the female POV too, but I have started reading some male POV books just because the story sounds interesting and I’ve liked most of them. I still feel like it’s easier to relate to a female main character and POV though.

  3. I can totally understand and agree! I usually like female POVs because that’s just what I relate too… But I’ve been enjoying quite a few male POVs lately!! I think I just had to find the “right” ones!
    Although I will say, if it’s not YA, I have a REALLY hard time reading male POVs. Like for mysteries… almost never! Or regular fiction, I read chick lit. I think it’s just what we can relate with! 🙂

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