Favorite TV Halloween Costumes

halloween week headerThere’s nothing like a good Halloween episode on TV. Here are some of my all-time favorite costumes worn by TV characters.

Willow and Oz as Joan of Arc and God, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Who could forget Joan of Arc and her close relationship with God? This one gets all the cleverness points.

Spencer as Mary Queen of Scots, Pretty Little Liars

Props to Spencer for choosing something original when her friends went as a goth, Native American, and schoolgirl.

Jim as 3-hole punch, The Office

Minimal effort, maximum wittiness.

Marshall, Lily, and Ted as salt, pepper, and cumin, How I Met Your Mother

Even third wheels can have a great costume!

Sheldon as The Doppler Effect, The Big Bang Theory

The geek in me goes crazy for everything going on in that picture.

Bonus: Movie Time!

Karen as a mouse, Mean Girls

 It’s like she has ESPN or something.

Let’s chat! What is your favorite Halloween costume worn by a character in a TV show or movie?


5 thoughts on “Favorite TV Halloween Costumes

  1. I seriously love all these shows! (Well I sort of dropped off the Pretty Little Liars front a couple seasons ago – the drama stressed me out hahah, so I didn’t recognize the costume, but it’s awesome!)

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