Poem Revelry {7}: She is Not Invisible

I got a few books at ALAMW this year, so I thought I should do some book spine poetry using just the titles of some of the books I picked up. Here’s the result.

poem revelry header

“She is Not Invisible”

Uninvited, the wildflower walks into the still blue.
(it was the scar boys who led her into the dark)
Under an infinite sky, she notices the white space between fire and flood.
(such a cruel beauty to be a prisoner of night and fog)
To all the boys I’ve loved before, she whispers.
(love letters to the dead make her hungry)
We were liars, wavering between sex and violence, the boys whisper back.
(across a war-torn sea they wait for her)
She wades into a sea of shadows.
(she embraces the chance you won’t return in her shaking hands)


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