Introducing a New Feature: Hype Machine!

Last week, I confessed that book reviews have lost their magic for me. Ever since I began considering not writing reviews any more, I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to keep up the book love on this blog. Finally, I came up with…Hype Machine!

Ok, so hear me out, because I’m probably not making sense yet. One of my issues with writing book reviews was that it was taking away from my enjoyment of reading. When deciding on a new feature, I knew I wanted to go with a positive direction. I wanted to do something that would remind me how much I love books. In being critical, it made me forget the sheer happiness of finishing a good book. So I wanted a feature where I could talk excitedly about the books I read.

So that got me thinking about positive reviews and book hype. Normally, I refer to the hype machine in a negative way. I’m always skeptical when EVERYONE seems to like something and it’s always disappointing when a book doesn’t live up to your expectations. With my new-found positivity, I decided to spin the hype machine into a good thing.

The books I’m going to highlight in this feature will be the ones that I genuinely enjoyed. It’ll be a way to spread the book love. No extreme claims, just my sincere happy feels about books.

This feature will probably change a lot, because I’ve decided to just wing it. There won’t be a set format or anything, because I like to live dangerously.

Let’s chat! What do you think of my idea? Any suggestions/advice/confessions/dessert recipes?


5 thoughts on “Introducing a New Feature: Hype Machine!

  1. I’m a small-time blogger, but books are my first love. I decided in 2011 to start a once a month post, listing books I’d read the previous month, and only highlighting or chatting about which books I loved, in the post. The rest were just on the list, as read, but not loved.

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