Hype Machine {1}

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Are you ready for the first post of my new feature? Here we go! PS. Wondering what this is about? Read my intro post here.

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My love for this series is fathomless. FATHOMLESS. I never imagined a retelling could be this good. I basically wrote a love letter to the author when I reviewed Scarlet, but I never thought the first book could be topped. Guess what? IT TOTALLY CAN BE. Lady Thief is more of everything: more romance, more danger, more heartbreaking. More, more, more…which was basically my mantra after finishing it.

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I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this one, and I have to admit, I agree with a lot of them. I see the other side’s point oh so clearly, especially since my journey with this series has been a bit rough. I didn’t have high hopes for Ignite Me, but I was wrong. It was everything I wanted from this series. To be honest, I wasn’t reading these books for the world-building (basically nonexistent) or the action (not great). I was in it for the romance. I was in it for Warner. Everything I had hoped for from his character arc and from Juliette’s happened. I saw so much growth from both of them. And Tahereh was tricky with this series. She really showed how you can twist perceptions and how narrow a reader’s view can be when filtered through an unreliable narrator. We get everything from Juliette’s perspective, and she doesn’t know shit. I was so pleased with Ignite Me that it inspired one of my favorite book playlists and made me go a bit cray cray and actually make the Shatter Me shoes.

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You’ve probably heard this raved about up and down the blogosphere, but I’m here to add my voice to the shouts as well. Holy hell, is this one powerhouse of a novel, with lyrical, aching prose. I love unreliable narrators and Cadence’s voice is so brilliantly done. I didn’t see the twist coming and when it came, it was like a punch in the gut. I think the best compliment you can give a book is that it made you feel something and We Were Liars brings it.

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Dangerous Girls was book club’s most recent pick, and I really wasn’t sure what I was going to think about it. Thrillers and murder mysteries are very far from my typical kind of book. Though I’m not sure I can say that any more because I was hooked on this one from the first page. It’s a thriller in every sense of the word, as the reader tries to untangle what exactly happened to the murdered girl. It’s creepy and sexy and frustrating and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading books in one sitting, because you won’t be able to put this one down.


5 thoughts on “Hype Machine {1}

  1. I love your new graphics & so glad you are a fan of Dangerous Girls. I read it last summer and I still haven’t forgotten it! So many YA thrillers out there right now and none of them live up to DG. Hope you are doing well, dear!

  2. This is such a fun feature, Ellie! Out of the books you’ve mentioned, I’ve only read Dangerous Girls. I have to agree with what you said about it. I could not put it down, curious to see how it would all play out. And it totally blew me away by the end, making me yell “What the eff?” with the best kind of frustration there is.

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