Hype Machine {2}

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WHY DID YOU GUYS NOT MAKE ME READ THIS SERIES SOONER?! I can’t believe you let me give in to my cyborg prejudice and avoid Cinder for so long. I love fairytale retellings. I know a lot of people have grown weary of them, but the magic is still there for me. I really did keep Cinder to the side, though, because I wasn’t sure if I would like a book about a cyborg Cinderella. Which goes to show you shouldn’t listen to yourself because I freaking loved it. This series is the perfect example of taking a familiar story but turning it into something completely new. The world of the Lunar Chronicles is deeply imagined and full of action and romance.

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This one I knew I would love from the start. Psychopaths, friends-turned-mortal-enemies, superpowers? Sign me up! I loved how morally ambiguous this story was. You’re never quite sure who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy and I don’t think you’re ever supposed to draw that distinction. Both main characters have done terrible things and yet you find yourself sympathizing with both. Of course, I was rooting for Victor, but I found Eli to be equally compelling. It’s unlike any superhero/villain book I’ve ever read.

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Good lord, I love this series. You know how hard I am to please when it comes to my treasured fantasy books, but Sarah delivers every. single. time. The prequel novellas didn’t interest me much at first. I saw bloggers’ reviews who raved about them being a great addition to the series, but I’m not much of a novella person, so I never really considered buying them. Then the print book of all five was announced, and I thought, well why not. I read this big-ass book in one sitting, guys. Like I didn’t move for however many hours. I’ve never said this about a novella before, but these are essential to the series. In one volume, they flow effortlessly into each other so that it reads as one complete book. It added so much depth to Celaena’s story for me and for the first time ever, I’m incredibly grateful to an author for writing novellas.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.37.49 PMLots of raving going on for this one too. While I wasn’t as wowed as everyone else (see above entry about being hard to please when it comes to fantasy), I was engrossed in the story. I’m a sucker for power struggles and there’s a doozy in this book. It comes with an oh-snap ending, which made me really excited to see where the story goes.



3 thoughts on “Hype Machine {2}

  1. Uh-oh – you’re causing my reading list to get bigger! I loved Cinder and Scarlet, but havent read any of the rest that you mentioned, but a few are on my reading list.

  2. YES! I am not a novella reader myself, but I agree. The novellas are absolutely essential to really getting the full sense of her books, and they really feel like they’re all one novel when you read them in one go (although I haven’t read the last one yet, gah!). I kind of wish they’d been marketed as a novel, because I feel like everyone who didn’t like ToG and won’t read CoM would have a completely different sense of things if they read the novellas!

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