Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Friendships

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where each week we get a new topic for a top ten list. So I know the topic is top ten books about friendships, but some of my favorite friendships are in books that are about so much more, so I decided to just focus on the friendships themselves.

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1. Queenie and Maddie, Code Name VerityThis is the ultimate friendship. You really can’t top it. It will break your heart and tug at your soul.

2. Aria and Roar, Under the Never Sky series. It’s so rare to see a strong male-female relationship without there being romantic undertones and I love that Aria and Roar love each other without agenda.

3. Cinder and Thorne, The Lunar Chronicles. I love the snarky banter between these two. All joking aside, they still have each others’ backs.

4.  Cath and Reagan, Fangirl. You know how slow-burn, starts-off-as-hate romances are the best? Turns out friendships like that are too. Cath and Reagan might be completely different people, but they still find worth in each other.

5. Chaol and Dorian, Throne of Glass series. Their friendship goes beyond the simple duty of a guardsman to his prince. They’re friends and brothers and confidantes. 

6. Reagan and Lilah, Open Road Summer. They’re fiercely protective of each other and support each other through all the tough times. These girls can handle anything.

7. Kenji and Juliette, Shatter Me series. I’m really not sure why all three books weren’t just called “Kenji Me.”

8. Blue and her Raven Boys, The Raven Cycle. There might be all that complex, paranormal stuff going on, but these five are stronger together than they ever were apart.

9. Kami and Angela, The Lynburn Legacy. When I think of girl power, I think of these two.

10. The Seven, Heroes of Olympus. Greek and Roman don’t mix, but the seven from the prophecy not only make it work, but find that they love and care about each other. They face danger and battle monsters together and always protect each other.



5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Friendships

  1. Lovely list. We have Fangirl and Open Road Summer in common. I like that you mentioned Throne of Glass too- I so need the next book!

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