Hype Machine {5}

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I’m a huge Rainbow Rowell fan, so I was psyched when the librarian of our book club, Katie, was able to get her hands on an ARC. I haven’t read Attachments yet (I know, I’m the worst), so I wasn’t sure if I would love Rainbow’s adult books as much as her YA. My worries were completely unfounded. Rainbow has a very unique style of writing that I adore, and it transcends genres and age groups. From the first sentence, you know you’re reading a Rainbow book and that it’s going to be good. I loved this look into the choices we make and how that affects our future. This a story about complicated, messy love and also a magical phone.

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OMG YOU GUYS. THIS SERIES IS BATSHIT CRAZY. LIKE SUPER CRAY CRAY. So Gone, the first book in the series, was book club’s pick for June. I bought this a while ago and have been sitting on it forever, so I was excited to finally give this series a try. This is not a joke: about halfway through, I stopped reading, went to Barnes and Noble, and bought the rest of the series. (Sidenote: I wanted to get them all in paperback, but they redesigned the covers with the final book’s paperback release, so to get the covers to match, I had to buy the last one in hardcover. I hate when publishers do this!) Then I binge read it for the past two weeks. Like I couldn’t think about any other book because I just had to know how it all ends. Anyway, back to the craziness. Everyone over the age of 15 disappears from this one town and all the kids are stuck inside this dome and no one can leave. Also, some are developing powers and there’s a terrifying monster on the loose. There are psychopaths and battles and manipulation and cannibalism and disease and people being cut in half and holy hell. Just wow. And through all of that is this intense look at morality and what it means to be a hero and a leader and to have power. If you’re looking for a good paranormal/dystopian/lord of the flies type series, pick this up. Even if you aren’t looking for that, read this series anyway. Also, I feel like I read somewhere that they’re making this into a TV series and I’ll be all over that.


6 thoughts on “Hype Machine {5}

  1. Glad you loved the GONE series! I’m currently looking for Plague…apparently it gets a lot bloodier in that one. You’re right, it’s very, very intense.

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