On My TV This Fall

I’m not sure you know this about me, but I’m a bit obsessed with television shows. Summer feels like a wasteland without me having to watch 8 hours of tv to catch up on everything I’m currently watching. So I thought I’d share what I’ll be watching this season since it officially starts for me tonight!

New to the Screen

Gotham (September 22 on Fox): My first new show starts tonight! For a long time, Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies were my favorite superhero movies. I freaking love Batman. Even though this show won’t be about him, I’m excited to see a different story set in the same world. I’ve never seen Ben McKenzie in anything (still haven’t watched The OC), so I’m going into this one a bit blind.

The Flash (October 7 on the CW): I adored Grant Gustin’s cameo on Arrow this past season, so I was so happy that his spinoff got picked up. I’ve been impressed with Arrow so far, so I’m hoping that The Flash will have the same addictive quality.

Constantine (October 24 on NBC): Sensing a theme here? I’m probably the only person in the world who liked the Keanu Reeves movie. I’m really digging the look of this trailer and the lead in particular. I haven’t had the greatest success with NBC shows in the past, but hopefully this one will end up being good!


Returning This Fall

The Vampire Diaries (October 2 on the CW): I may have spent the entire summer listen to Wings by Birdy on repeat and crying about Damon. Like seriously…nothing makes me cry like Vamp Diaries. I was doing some full-blown ugly crying during the finale. This show is the worst…like my emotions are always swinging between indifference and heartbreak. I’m not liking the whole New Moon vibe the trailer has going on, but I am liking the sexy Alaric vibe I’m hoping this season will have.

The Legend of Korra (October 3 on Nick): So I can’t find a trailer for this one, but I still can’t believe we’re getting the final season so soon! And I’m really freaking happy that it’ll be streaming online since I don’t have cable. Korra hasn’t had the same magic as ATLA did, but I’ve still been invested the whole time. I’m really impressed with the writers for not shying away from the darker storylines. With Korra broken, I’m nervous about what’s going to happen.

The Originals (October 6 on the CW): The first season far exceeded my expectations for this spinoff. It’s basically everything I wanted and I’m obsessed with every single character’s storyline. I’m sad that Rebecca left, because she was one of my favorites, but there’s still plenty to look forward to.

Supernatural (October 7 on the CW): My babiesssssss. With Dean a demon and it looking like Cas is dying, I don’t know how the boys are going to pull through this. I’m honestly kind of scared. I cried hardcore about Dean and then spent hours on Tumblr looking at gif edits and crying some more. I’m pretty attached. Also, can we please take a moment to fully appreciate the fact that the CW decided to use the word Deanmon?

Arrow (October 8 on the CW): Chant it with me now: OLICITY, OLICITY, OLICITY.




3 thoughts on “On My TV This Fall

  1. Arrow is SO popular these days…well so is TVD and The Originals…but still Arrow came out this year? Maybe? And my friends just can’t STOP watching it!

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