On Rereading Cravings

I’m very much a mood reader. I’ve tried other methods of choosing what to read, like using a TBR jar or sticking to a schedule based on publication date, but the truth is none of those ever stick because if I don’t feel like reading something, I just won’t do it.


Recently, my mood has been single-minded in its reading choices: all I want to do is reread. Maybe my Harry Potter reread triggered it, but I can’t stop thinking about all the books that I would love to reread right now. Like new releases briefly sparked my interest and consumed me (I just had to read Ashes to Ashes and The Infinite Sea right away), but my mind keeps going back to rereads. I just want to grab all my favorite books and hide.


It used to be that I would reread the same handful of books every year, like my favorite Dianne Wynne Jones books, the Abhorsen trilogy, Sarah Dessen books. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve barely done any rereading. I’ve been caught up in reading what everyone is talking about. Other bloggers know the feeling: the guilt if you’re not reading something new since our TBR piles are ever growing. There are so many books published and how can you not want to read ALL THE THINGS?!

And unfortunately, the things I want to reread are all series, like His Dark Materials or the Throne of Glass series (which I literally just read Heir of Fire and already I want to reread the entire series). Sometimes, you just have to listen to the reading mood. Rereading to me is like comfort food: it makes me feel nostalgic and content. Sometimes, you just have to indulge.

Let’s chat! Have any of you ever experienced the rereading bug? Do you reread even if you have new books waiting for you? Are there certain books you reread all the time? Are you a mood reader like me or can you stick to a schedule?



16 thoughts on “On Rereading Cravings

  1. I certainly haven’t, but I do want to reread some books, like Golden by Jessi Kirby and This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales. They were both books that were great reads, and I would happily reread them! But I don’t really have the urge to reread them any time soon. I just bought books, after all!

  2. I have this dilemma all the time! I read constantly as a kid/teen but didn’t read as much as I do now when I was in college. I did reread the Harry Potter series constantly though! It was comforting like you said and almost a vacation for my reading brain! Lately I’ve been having the urge to reread a lot and always feel such immense guilt because of the amazing books I’ve bought and haven’t read yet. I want to reread Throne of Glass too! And His Dark Materials, Fangirl, the Lynburn Legacy, so many others. I watch my favorite movies constantly, to the point where I can quote them, and I want to do the same with books! I decided to give in and reread The Raven Boys this week- I read it in two days and was so happy! It was really worth it. I also reread Anna and the French kiss on Valentine’s Day which was so fun 🙂 I’m a mood reader like you and I’m trying to feel less guilt listening to my gut. It’ll affect my opinion of the book otherwise, if I happen to finish. I say reread if it makes you happy 🙂

  3. I’m very much this way! Before blogging, I would also read the same dozen books over and over, year after year. I do re-read whenever the mood strikes these days, but I do find that because I’m so interested in a variety of books, I’m sometimes less inclined to pick up a book I’ve already read, since I want to experience new things.

  4. I’m in a rereading haze right now! Started with So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane, shortly followed by all the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce (Song of the Lioness, The Immortals, etc.), and now I’m rereading Outlander because the show is about to take it’s 7 MONTH HIATUS.

    So much rereading….I’ve just accepted my fate now.

  5. I used to re-read all the time before blogging. Now I haven’t done it in forever, with the exception of my Harry Potter re-read last year. I want to re-read those books again, and I want to re-read Gone with the Wind, a few of my favorite romances, Jellicoe Road, and Tiger Lily. But, yes, re-reading causes me a lot of guilt because I can see all the other unread books on my shelves watching me haha. You’re comparing re-reading to comfort food, by the way, was awesome and so true!

  6. I do get the bug occasionally. Usually when a new book/last book in a series is released and I take the time out from blogging and reviews to enjoy the reread of something I love so much, or when the new books overwhelm me a little and I feel like I need to read something I know I’m going to love. I rarely fit in many rereads, though I suppose this year I managed to fit in more than I thought I could… I reread the full Noughts and Crosses series, and The Mortal Instruments (which took like a month!). I reread 50 Ways to Find a Lover by accident. I read it a few years ago, was recommended it by my sister, and was getting deja vu while reading it, only for the two of us to realise that it was me that recommended it to her… And I’m debating doing some rereads over Christmas as I get two weeks off work and can indulge myself! I used to reread A LOT, so my first year of blogging has been strange reading all these new books, but I guess fitting those in means I haven’t done too badly. I also want to reread HP soon. That’s almost an annual thing for me now… R x

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