Best of 2014

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Every year, I do a post about my favorite non-bookish things of the year. Here’s this year’s list.

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1. Mockingjay Part 1. I know a lot of people hate this book, but I’ve never been in that camp. I loved it when it came out and I’ve grown to love it even more over time as I’ve come to understand the brilliance of what Suzanne did with the series. So I knew I was going to like the movie. While I thought there were pacing issues and I wasn’t happy with a change made towards the end of the movie, overall I thought it was a great adaptation (though I think Catching Fire is always going to be my favorite movie of the series unless Part 2 changes my mind).


2. Guardians of the Galaxy. So basically I know by now that Marvel could put out a movie that was just two hours of white noise and I would still pay to see it. I had heard Guardians was funny, but I had no idea how funny. I was cracking up the entire time until I was crying. It’s just a good movie.


3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This one wins superhero sequel of the year. It’s such an amazing follow-up that adds a lot of depth and emotion to Steve’s story.


4. How To Train Your Dragon 2. This film solidifies the HTTYD series as one of the best animated series ever. If you think you don’t want to watch these movies because they’re “kid movies,” they’re not. They’re everyone movies. The stakes are real and you will cry. I’m still crying and it’s been a month.


5. Gone Girl. My friend read the book over the summer and wanted someone to go see it with her, so I went even though I hadn’t read it. It was phenomenal. Rosamund Pike was a revelation. I hope she wins Best Actress. Also, this story is batshit crazy.

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1. The 100. My newest obsession along with everyone else you follow on Twitter. I was skeptical at first and didn’t really need to add another CW show to my watch list, but since everyone was talking about it, I wanted to at least be able to understand the conversations. It’s so good and addictive and basically you will love Clarke and Bellamy and ship them with all your heart. Also if you’ve watched already and want to be highly amused, read Sarah Rees Brennan’s hilarious parody of the show.


2. Agents of Shield. I started watching when the pilot aired and then I ended up dropping it a few episodes in because though I liked it, it wasn’t wowing me. Then I heard that it got better towards the end of the season, so I decided to buy season 1 on DVD and give it another shot. I’m glad I did because by the middle of season 1, I was super into it. Season 2 has kept up the quality and introduced some new characters that I love. I really like how it connects with the larger Marvel movie universe.

3. The Flash. I’m pretty sure the main reason I watch this show is because of Grant Gustin. He’s just so likable on screen. Every time he smiles I just want to hug him. It’s definitely a distinct show from Arrow. The tone and the characters are so different. I could see how it could’ve fallen into being a copy of the highly successful Arrow, but it’s doing it’s own thing and I like that.

4. Battlestar Galactica. This show is. so. good. Stunning acting, emotional storylines, tough choices, and human dilemmas. Even if you think sci-fi isn’t your thing, you should still watch this. It could appeal to any audience. Also, there’s lots of man candy.

5. 30 Rock. This was the first time I’ve rewatched the show from the beginning since it aired. Still so funny. The cleverness of the dialogue gets me every time. There are hidden jokes everywhere.

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1. If You Leave, Daughter. This album is so beautiful. Quiet and beautiful. (Favorites: Human, Touch)

2. Bad Blood, Bastille. An all-around good album. (Favorites: Flaws, Bad Blood)

3. I Love You, The Neighborhood. Another solid album that I like listening to at work. I heard a few songs on various CW shows and thought I should give the whole thing a listen. Definitely worth it. (Favorites: Afraid, Let It Go)

4. Lights Out, Ingrid Michaelson. I listened to this basically nonstop after it came out. I think it’s her best album yet. (Favorites: Afterlife, Stick, Warpath)

5. 1989, Taylor Swift. I listened to this three or four times on its release day. Then at least once a day for like two weeks. I can’t help it, I love me some T Swift music. (Favorites: Blank Space, Wildest Dreams, Clean)

Honorable Mentions: I listen to a lot of scores when I write. My favorites of this year were Mockingjay Part 1, Gravity, and The Maze Runner.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 9.25.51 PM1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Perversion.  This eyeliner is legit. It has serious staying power and goes on easily and darkly the first time.  Urban Decay has a lifelong customer of eye products in me. I love my Naked palettes and I have a feeling I won’t be switching from this eyeliner any time soon.

2. Simple Makeup Remover Wipes. These are my new favorite makeup remover wipes. They have a nice, clean scent and they take off makeup pretty well. I still wash my face as well, but this is good for getting makeup off at the end of the work day where you just don’t want it all over your face anymore.

3. Soap & Glory Heel Genius. I’ve been using this consistently all year and I’ve definitely noticed a difference on my feet. I have dry skin all over, but my feet get particularly bad, especially on the heels. They look much better now after using this for a while.

4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick. It says it can be used anywhere on the body, but I just use it on my lips at night since it’s a bit heavy for day wear. Not sure if I’ve noticed a difference, but I just love how it smells so much.

5. John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t dye my hair often (maybe two or three times a year), but I’ve been dyeing it red for years now. It fades pretty fast on me, but luckily it looks natural as it changes color so I don’t feel like I have to dye it often at all since I like all the in-between colors too. This shampoo and conditioner definitely makes your color last longer. And they sell it for brunettes and blondes too!


4 thoughts on “Best of 2014

  1. Love the sum-up! How to Train Your Dragon is LIFE. On second thoughts, Toothless is LIFE! Yes for Agents of Shield (it’s brilliant, isn’t it?) and double YES for Bad Blood! 😀

  2. I really enjoyed Gone Girl as well. I watched it with my friends and at first I was so adverse to it not because I thought I would hate it but because I wanted to read the book first. I still wish I had gotten to read the book first but the movie was so good. Totally fucked my mind. And Rosamund Pike was INSANE. OH my god. But I say that in the best way possible.

    And 1989, yessss. I don’t think I’ve ever been so obsessed with an album. Usually I’ll listen to one on repeat for one to two weeks but I’m still listening to it months later. SO GOOD. And I love all the songs you listed!

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