On Buying Multiple Copies Of The Same Book

A trend I’ve been noticing lately with my ever vigilant eyeballs (read: this has probably always been going on and I’ve been completely oblivious) is that EVERYONE is buying multiple copies of the same book.


Growing up, this never would’ve occurred to me. Not only did I not have the money for it, but even if I did, I have a feeling I would not have been allowed to buy the same book multiple times. My family would’ve seen it as wasteful. No one I knew did this. I was definitely the most bookish of my friends, but they did still read, and they also would never have thought to buy the same book twice. We would’ve been so confused to see this happen.


Nowadays, everyone seems to be buying the paperback and the hardcover and keeping the ARC and even sometimes having multiples of each format! Entire shelves dedicated to just a single book or series. I mean, publishers don’t make it easy on us with changing covers and special editions and hidden chocolate fountains and portals to Narnia on page twenty-three and so on. The book lust is strong in us all.


But even now that this is the norm, I still don’t quite get it. I don’t think this is a trend I’ll ever be a part of (The exception being Harry Potter, because I own my original set, the paperback boxed set where the spines look like Hogwarts, and the Kindle books. Harry Potter is my exception. *cue Justin Long gazing lovingly into my eyes*). Maybe it’s just the practical side of me coming out. I have limited funds and space, so I’d rather buy a different book than one I already own. Maybe it’s also that I’ve gotten a lot less OCD about my books matching. I have the old Anna paperback, the new Lola paperback, and the Isla hardcover. My Throne of Glass is paperback while the rest of the series is hardcover. And strangely, I don’t mind.


Let’s chat! Do you guys buy multiple copies of the same book? Is it so your books will match or just because you love that book/series SO FREAKING MUCH? Shout out in the comments with your buying habits!


27 thoughts on “On Buying Multiple Copies Of The Same Book

  1. Paperback vs Hardback copies in the same series used to not bug me, but ever since I’ve been blogging I’m a tiny bit more OCD about it (I won’t go so far as to re-purchase any, but if there’s a series where I have all the books in paperback except one, I’ll usually wait to purchase them all in paperback…it saves money, too). Cover changes are harder, especially when the newer covers are much prettier (I want the new Hunger Games paperbacks SO BAD). I recently just bought new covers of a series I already owned from book outlet, but I justified it because my copies were falling apart because I’ve read them so much, and the prices were so cheap!

    1. Waiting for the paperbacks so they’ll match is so smart! I actually prefer paperbacks, so the only ones I get in hardcover are the ones I just can’t wait for! The new Hunger Games ones are gorgeous…I was definitely tempted by those. Buying new copies when your old ones are falling apart is definitely justified! I know I have well-loved books that I would consider re-buying if they ever got too worn to read.

  2. I’ll only by the same book twice if my copy is really old and tattered or needs being replaced for some reason, but otherwise I don’t tend to buy multiple copies of the same book. It seems like a waste to me- I’d rather buy a book I haven’t read! Also, I’m totally with you on not caring whether my books match. It’s the inside that counts! 🙂

  3. You’re the same as me haha, the only books I buy multiple copies of are Harry Potter. Other than that the only books I have more than one copy of are some classics when I’ve found a particularly old copy cheap!

  4. I have done this in the past, but only if a special limited edition of a book I love came out. But mostly I don’t because there are SO MANY BOOKS I want, why spend the money?

  5. I’ve debated doung this with the Harry Potter books because i have the first two in paperback and the last 5 in hardback and I’m a tad OCD. I’ve also considered getting a box set of all paperback to take up less room and sell mine. But cant bring myself to purchase books I own

    1. I was hesitant in buying my boxed HP set too…if I hadn’t had a giftcard, I’m not sure I would’ve gone through with it, even though they are so pretty to look at. 🙂

  6. YES. Not so much for series books, but I have like four copies of Sarah Dessen’s THIS LULLABY because I love it so much. The original hardcover, original paperback, new paperback, and the UK edition. Same with THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE! It’s a sickness but I’m living with it. 😉

  7. I’m with you – the only books I own doubles of are the HP series because I have the original set that is quite well worn, and a new set that I only got recently. I have two of Maybe Someday now as well because I have my UK version and my sister got me a signed and personalised US version, I’m keeping the UK one though as I don’t want to read and ruin the US one. I personally don’t really get the multiple version thing, I’d rather have more money to spend on new to me books. However, if it’s an edition I’d love to own I could excuse it if I find it in a charity shop or something… R x

  8. I was really shocked when I saw that people would have, you know, the ARC, the hardcover, the paperback, the new paperback, AND the UK paperback. For me not ONLY is that a waste of money, it’s a waste of space—you can’t read more than one book at a time, so chances are only one of those 5 editions is ever going to get read, right?

    I would never ever get more than one edition of a book, unless it was a Classic and I was upgrading from a second-hand paperback to a nice clothbound, slip-cased edition or something (but I would also get rid of the old edition also so I’d only own one copy).

    1. I was shocked as well…at first I thought it was just an isolated thing, like maybe only a few people wanted to do it, but then more and more people cropped up in my feeds. As someone on a tight budget and who’s going to be apartment-living for the foreseeable future, I just can’t justify multiple copies!

  9. Buying multiple copies is just downright wasteful. I only make exceptions for covers, because I’m super OCD about them. Editions and everything else just has to match for me. I can’t stand splurging to have different copies when I already have one. I’ve read it, that’s it, that’s my money’s worth. I’m not buying a hardcover when I have the paperback, vice versa, and I might not even buy a book I loved as an ARC. Yes, I loved it, but I could use my money to buy other books that I haven’t read.

    I’m absolutely cheap, by the way.

  10. I have multiples of some of the Harry Potter books but no complete uniform sets of it. I’m not 100% sure how it happened, but I think there was a plan to have a complete set in a cover I liked and donate the others. There was also a lot of moving around when I was younger and could partially be due to losing and finding books.

    But those are the only books that has happened to me with. I’ve actually gotten to the point that I prefer minimalism. If I buy a book I’ll donate it if I know it’s in my library, it’s not special for various reasons from signed copy to sentimental value, it’s not a must-read-again, or must-keep-for-future-children.

    I want to keep books I love. And as much as I love the idea of a library, what good is that if I can’t enjoy every book in there?

    Though I could see myself having a shelf of a very loved book in various covers, languages, and the like. I see that as supporting the author and collecting something I love.

  11. I try to limit myself, but I’m definitely guilty of doing this on occasion, and I usually only do it with books that are my very favorites. Usually it’s things like MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME where I love both covers way too much to choose between the two. Sometimes an edition of a book I love will be released and I won’t be able to resist it, but I’ll keep my original copy because I love its cover so much. In some cases I’ll buy a new copy to swap out with one in order to make series match (like get a paperback to replace a hardcover so I can have a series all in paperback).

    What I don’t really get is people buying a hardcover and paperback of books they love when the two look mostly the same. I also don’t get keeping ARCs when you can buy a hardcover once the book is out, unless the cover is different, or the ARC is signed.

    Now that this is all typed out…I feel like I’ve given it too much thought, hahaha.

  12. So glad to see this post in my mailbox. (I’m so sad it’s taken me so long to get to it… I’m hoarding posts!) I’ve noticed this trend to and I can understand it for your favorite author or favorite book but on a personal level, it overwhelms me. I have very little space in my apartment and this year seems to be a lot about cleaning and simplifying and downsizing. I’ve already bought too many books in the past 3 years and as lovely as it is to get them in the mail (it’s great), it’s also gotten to the point where I am like… oh my god. Where is this going to go? So if people have the room and the funds, I totally respect that. (My dad is a collector of everything Yankees and Jets so I get it… but he also has a whole basement to himself for his “museum.”)

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