On Unread Books

Guys…I have a problem. One that lurks in the darkness at the edges of my room. One that threatens to fill up all open space until I have to play that game where the ground is lava and I can only travel over the furniture just to get around. One that eats through my metaphorical wallet because I don’t carry cash and mostly shop online. This problem is…owning a shitton of unread books.

Most of my books are still boxed up at my family’s home (and there are a ton of unread ones in that stash too), but this came up in my mind because I was browsing the books I have in my apartment for something to read and I realized…more than half of what I have in my room is unread.

Just the thought of all those unopened books was overwhelming, especially considering I only managed to read four books in January. And it’s not that I don’t want to read them! Some of them are highly anticipated books that I was dying to pick up at the time. It reminded me a lot of how different things used to be in terms of buying habits. I would buy one or two books, read them, and then buy more only when I was finished. I think the only time I had a stack of unread books was if I went to the library and took out a bag full but didn’t get to all of them before it was time to return them.

I’ve been trying really hard to limit my book buying, but now I have so many favorite authors and ongoing series that I find myself justifying a ton of purchases only to have them sit in a stack in my room, unloved and lonely, crying out to be read while I simultaneously cry at my bank account balance. There’s a lot of crying going on apparently.

And the guilt! I mean, I bought all of these books, I should be reading them, right? But there just isn’t enough time. Thus we reach the age-old struggle of book nerds everywhere.

Let’s chat! Do you have a book-buying problem? A stack of unread books causing you to feel guilty? How do you deal?! Teach me your secrets.


10 thoughts on “On Unread Books

  1. I used to buy A LOT of books, but this year I’ve decided that I’m going to read as many books as I can from my physical unread pile. So far it’s going really well, but I’m not sure how long my will power will hold out haha 🙂

  2. I… don’t deal – i run around like that gif up there. Haha. But seriously, I don’t nearly have enough time to read all these books I have! I put myself on a book buying ban until March to hopefully get some of these read! I don’t know how to deal! Need a time turner!

  3. Oh my god I think you snuck into my brain when I wasn’t looking and wrote this blog post. I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY ABOUT ALL OF IT. I have so many (highly anticipated! I really want to read them!) unread books and feel such guilt, also because I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately. But it’s hard to stop buying favorite authors and series and books that everyone tells you are *so amazing*. I didn’t buy a ton of books until a few years ago because I couldn’t afford to. I bought a couple here and there,went to the library, asked for bday gifts. But once I got a bit of disposable income all bets were off and yeahhhhh I love online book shopping. It’s such a rush to preorder a book. Gah. I’m going to try really hard this year to cut back and read what I have. We’ll see if it works!

  4. I’ve always bought more books than I read. Ever since I was a little girl. I’d save up my allowance and blow it all at used book stores and library sales. As much as I’d love to think that one day I’ll catch up with my TBR piles, I haven’t in over three decades so I feel like I probably never will! On the other hand, I kind of like having so many books to choose from so that I can always find the exact book to suit my mood (I’m a big mood reader) and I’m never without a list of books I’m dying to get to. There are worse problems!

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