Hype Machine {10}

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I feel completely unable to describe just how much I freaking loved this book. The magic! The Londons! Kell and Lila ad Rhy! I can only speak in exclamations about this book! Seriously…the world-building is so fantastic and the magic system is the best kind in that there’s a price for power and everyone has to pay it. I loved Kell’s arrogance and Lila’s snark and Rhy’s sexy humor and Holland’s tragically tortured nature (PLEASE give me the redemption arc I’m hoping for!). Everything is just so clever and sharp and dangerous. I recommend this to fantasy fans and to non-fantasy fans and to humans and to non-humans. Everyone needs this book in their life.

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This book made me want to scream. But in a good way. Oh man, I was so frustrated with Kestrel at the end. HOW DID SHE NOT SEE THAT COMING?! Kestrel is super smart and strategic and she makes a terribly obvious mistake and now she’s going to pay for it. And the tension! Boy, any time Kestrel and Arin get in a room together…hot damn! One of my favorite scenes is when they’re hidden on the balcony together. That sexual tension made me blush! I found the melodramatics with the romance a bit much at times, but that was balanced by the intrigue in the palace, which had me racing to solve the mystery right alongside Kestrel. The stakes are so high in this book and you’ll definitely be dying for the next one after that ending.


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