Boldly Bookish Tour Recap



I was so excited when I heard that the Boldly Bookish tour was coming to the DC area! I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of A. C. Gaughen’s Scarlet series (as evidenced by my gushy reviews). I also adored Emery Lord’s two novels, particularly The Start of Me and You. I just read Trish’s latest, The Devil You Knowwhich was creeptastic, and Tiffany’s new series starter, Hold Me Like A Breath, which has one of the most creative hooks I’ve ever heard. So all in all a great set of authors that I couldn’t wait to hear speak!


They look so small in that picture because I was alllll the way in the back (I thought it would be wise to drive through the city around rush hour, plus I made a million wrong turns because even Google Maps is yelling TURN LEFT HERE, I still somehow mess up). I got one of the last open seats in a packed house! Clearly everyone was just as excited as I was. Once they started talking, you could immediately tell that they had a great repertoire and were having so much fun on tour together!

I’m going to preface the following recap because I am THE WORST at taking notes, so I was just jotted down random sentence fragments and I didn’t even start doing that until like halfway through the panel. So take this more as general gists rather than direct quotes.

There was a great discussion about the publishing process and what it’s like to query an agent. As someone who wants to be published someday, I always love hearing about other people’s journeys. Emery mentioned this great piece of advice about getting rejection letters: what that letter says has nothing to do with what you’re doing at your computer. You need to separate the rejection from your work and don’t lose hope! Trish mentioned looking in the acknowledgements of your favorite books for agents you might want to query; that’s how she found hers! I loved this because I do this ALL THE TIME and I’m nowhere near the querying phase.

They also talked about what their writing process is like. Trish and Emery are very methodical and write scenes in order while Tiffany writes the ending early on in the process.

Then there were some fun questions. There was a round of Kiss, Kill, Marry. My favorite answer was A.C. Gaughen, who said she would marry Eleanor of Aquitaine because she’s AWESOME. When asked if they would survive the hunger games, Tiffany’s answer was hilarious: she would do well but not on purpose: she would get lost somewhere and then wander out after everyone had already killed each other and she would win by default.

This was such a great tour and a super fun event! I loved chatting with Emery about nerd boys and gushing to A.C. about how her books made me cry (in a good way).


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