The Assassin’s Blade Revisited

Can you believe this is my first time rereading the Throne of Glass series? When Bloomsbury decided to do an official reread in anticipation of Queen of Shadows, I knew it was finally time.


Favorite Novella

The Assassin and the Desert. I think Celaena learns a lot in this story and it’s also packed with action and surprises.

Favorite Quote

She tensed, already taking in every detail she could.
But she squared her shoulders. Straightened her spine.
“My name is Celaena Sardothien,” she whispered, “and I will not be afraid.”

Favorite Character

The Mute Master. I know, this is an unusual choice. But I love how different he is from Arobynn. He shows Celaena that there’s another way to their way of life, that it doesn’t have to be all pain and suffering. That you can work hard and earn honor, that you can be an assassin without losing your humanity.

Favorite Scene

When Celaena finds out what happened to Sam, because it’s such a heartbreaking scene.

Why I Love This Book In One Sentence

The Assassin’s Blade is the first time I felt that novellas were 100% necessary to the story; you need this look into Celaena’s past to understand the choices she makes in the future.


3 thoughts on “The Assassin’s Blade Revisited

  1. I love the novellas! It’s such a fantastic look at Celaena’s life pre-Throne of Glass, and the cast of characters she meets along the way are so fascinating. The Assassin and the Desert is easily my favorite as well, though The Assassin and the Healer amused me to no end.

  2. I definitely agree about feeling that it is actually necessary to the story – it makes a HUGE difference! It’s pure luck I ended up reading the novellas when I did (I finished ToG at like 2 in the morning and NEEDED THE NEXT BOOK IMMEDIATELY. Thank god for ebooks, right?) because I wouldn’t have read them otherwise. I am generally just really not into novellas, I’d rather just have a novel thanks. Which is maybe why I liked these so much – combined, they’re certainly long enough to be a novel on their own! (And I loved The Mute Master as well)

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