In which I say goodbye

You may have noticed this blog looking a little sparse over the past few months. (Actually, I just took a look at the last post date and it was two months ago! Totally didn’t realize it had been that long.) This year has been a struggle for me blogging-wise, even more so than the year before. I lost my passion, my inspiration, and my motivation to do anything blogging-related. First it was commenting on other blogs, then it was responding to the ones here (I DO read every single comment though!), then it was reviews, then it was reading in general. Books just haven’t felt as magical as they used to, and I really miss that feeling. A slow march towards this moment now, with me writing this post.

Though I’ve never posted about my blogiversaries, it’s been over three years since I decided to start a book blog and wrote up that first review. A lot has happened in that time: I graduated from grad school, I spent a long year unemployed, I moved to a new city for my first time job, and I finished the first draft of a novel I’d spent years tinkering with. After I started my job, I suddenly had so much less time on my hands and yet so many more things that I wanted to do. TV! Writing! Photography! Learning a new language! I just didn’t have time for all those things, and blogging started to feel like an obligation, not a hobby.

When I was unemployed, blogging was a savior. I was living at home, and there were so many hours to fill. Blogging gave me a space to talk to people about what will always be my number one passion: books. The job search can be super dejecting (as I’m sure others can attest to), but blogging never felt that way. Blogging also led to me meeting my book club, a group of ladies I can’t imagine life without now.

Blogging has been good to me, and so it really is bittersweet to announce that this will be the last post here. At least…for now. Who knows…I might change my mind in the future and rediscover my joy for blogging! It’s happened before.

I’ll still be around though! I’m on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Goodreads, and Pinterest and I’m always up for bookish conversations.

And before I go, I just want to say…thank you. Thank you to anyone who’s ever read any of my blog posts, commented, or otherwise enjoyed my blog. I’m so grateful for every single one of you.




One thought on “In which I say goodbye

  1. Sigh, I hear ya! I completely agree. I’m so, SO proud to hear you’ve finished a first draft! That’s insanely exciting news! Being busy can be awesome but it’s also important to reprioritize things. I would agree, book reviewing is not the same and I was really late to the game 😉


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