FTC Notice
In accordance with FTC guidelines, this disclaimer serves as a notice that all reviews are my honest opinions. I received no compensation for said reviews. Any review copies received from publishers will be noted as such at the beginning of the review.

What I Review
I mostly review YA fiction of all genres, though some adult fiction will probably show up sometime.

I am currently accepting unsolicited and solicited Advanced Reading copies, review copies, and published works from publishers in any genre of YA literature except non-fiction and poetry. I also accept some adult literature, decided on a case-by-case basis.  I am mostly interested in adult literature with crossover appeal. I accept both print and electronic copies of books, though my preference is for ebooks compatible with an Amazon Kindle device. I do not accept self-published titles. To contact me to request a review, please see my Contact page.

You can also contact me to set up author interviews, promotional blog posts (cover reveals, etc.), blog tour posts, or giveaways.

If I accept a book from a publisher, it is not a guarantee that I will review it. If I do review the book, I will write an honest review.

How I Review
The following information will be provided at the beginning of every review:

Title – Author: 
Release Date:
Format – Source:

This general information will be followed by a summary of the book written by me and then my thoughts on the book.

You can view my rating system here.

Unless otherwise noted, I get the images of the book covers used in my reviews from GoodReads. Click on the cover image to go directly to GoodReads to see the publication information and a description of the book.


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